INQ Mobile Singtel Event


Singtel INQ Mobile Event

Hello people! After few day of resting, i am back to blog again! Today gonna share to everyone where i attended a singtel event few days ago. My very first attending this singtel event as a blogger, with very excited mood. haha…

2 days back (14/09) in the evening, met Andy and Stephen at cityhall station aheading to Supperclub for an event on Singtel INQ mobile. haha Yes! Singtel launching new phone on INQ..People u know how to pronounce ‘INQ’? it actually say as ‘IN’!

We reached Supperclub around 6.50pm to do our registration before we went in. First time visit supperclub and was pretty cool there. haha…hmm, maybe we are the earliest blogger who went in? xD

The event started, Frank (INQ CEO), give the demo speech to everyone on INQ mobile phone featured. ‘Its one click’ to access facebook,twitter or mail box…Very convenient to carry out due to its thin phone and it come with serveral of colour too!

We were told to try out the phone and ask question…

Here are the event held at…met some familiar blogger such as jayden,randy and nadnut too!

Picture with Jayden

Cute Twitter and Facebook Cupcakes! can be eaten but it make of dark chocolate…The top part taste very sweet and its below taste very bitter! lols..

I like this!

A Picture with Stephen,Randy and Andy…
before we left the event…

Once again, Thank to Singtel and 24seven company for the invitation to this event. As this my first time, i was feeling excited and enjoying throughout the whole event! And guess wad!? haha i got a chance to try out this phone at home! wohoo…Nice square box.

I tweets everywhere i go…and of cos, you still can check email,facebook,web surfing without any WIFI. haha

Tats all for today
Thank for your reading and viewing! xD
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  1. Teehee!!! I saw TheAgapeVox there!!! Must must must leave a comment here!! LOL

    Eh eh why this fone so cool?? without wifi can go online??! get me one HP!! or ask weijie get me one!!! LOLOLwtff

    ps:: my tweet name is TheAgapaVox people! follow me! LOL publicity wtf

  2. Victoria: lols…like tat also can promote ur tweet xD this phone no wifi but nid to sign up of dataplan before can go online through this phone… =D