Indulge Christmas Desserts at MEDZS Restaurant


Indulge your sweet tooth desserts craving with MEDZS Restaurant in this year Christmas season. MEDZS restaurant unveiled their signature rainbow log cake features seven layers of flavored cream. These seven layers of flavored cream are made up of cream cheese, orange cream, caramel, blueberry, peppermint, chocolate chips and almond to represent seven wonderful colour and taste of the Log Cake.

My first impression of the MEDZS’s Rainbow Log Cake is that it looks stunning and tastes as delicious as like chewing a soft cotton candy. And with the seven layers of flavored cream created, it definitely boosts up the cake sweeteners. For sweet tooth lover, you will love it!

MEDZS Rainbow Log cake is part of MEDZS’s Christmas menu and is now selling at the price of S$46.90 and is available at any of the three MEDZS restaurant outlets. If you want to place an order, a delivery charge of $30 will apply per order. Alternative, you may collect the Rainbow Log Cake at your preferred outlet. Happy Holidays ~!