Christmas Delights at Caffé B Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands


Caffé B is a Nouveau Japanese Italian restaurant and bar that celebrates the union of Italian and Japanese Cuisine.

Here, you will get to savour contemporary and premium quality Italian cuisine, infused with Japanese finesse. Your gastronomic dining experience is complete with our curated accompaniment of fine Italian and unique Japanese wines.

Few days back, I went to Caffe B restaurant and tried out their christmas menu and new bar bite set menu with my friend Angie.

Chef’s fresh pot of the day. The soup will be different everyday so depend on your luck. During that day, they were serving mixed vegetables soup. It consist of pumkin and other assorted vegetables. The soup was creamy, healthy, and fragrance. A good dish to warm up my appetite.

Risotto – Sakura Denbu Risotto
Delightful risotto infused with proseco wrapped in seaweed , Served with sauteed onion and a garnish of sakura mirin and bonito flakes. Nice combination, the risotto texture was moist and creamy. The sauteed onion and sakura mirin give the plain risotto a new live in it.

Poached Lemon Sole and Truffle cream
Garnished with deep fried julienne of yellow, green zucchini and carrot, white truffle cream foam and sliced black truffle. Served with a side of yellow chanterelle, edamame, champagne mini pear and mazano pearl tomato. The truffle wasn’t too overwhelming and the fish was well cooked still soft and moist.

Duo of Lamb Loin
Sumptuous pair of loin, one roasted skewer prepared in Marinated herbs and mustard. Accompanied by a cut of lightly seasoned loin topped with fried sesame. Garnished with layerd tomato with ticotta, parmesan and basil with a sprig of thyme. The lamb loin was meaty, tender but i think the fats was too much and it was lacking of some flavors.

White Forest Verrine Style
White chocolate mousse with sour cherry compote, mascarpone con matcha chantilly. Garnished with a touch of matcha soil with a complimenting aroma of raspberry. Interesting dessert and well match with christmas theme. Ladies definitely will love it.

Bar Bites Set

Smoked Salmon and Tomato Salsa
Delicious filling of marinated salmon and light spicy tomato salsa, served in a homemade yellow corn meal shell. Drizzled with dill mayonnaise. The taste will be more salty than usual, because it mend to go along with a glass of wine or any alcohol.

Roasted Young Tom Turkey Breast and Roasted Striploin of Beef
Served with brussel sprouts, caramelised pineapple rings, parmesan grilled tomato, chateau potatoes, buttered chestnuts and baby young corn. Accompanied with cranberry and veal jus. Definitely a good dish to share among a couple or the ladies. I personally like the roasted young tom turkey breast as it was tender, chewy and flavorful.

Vanilla Gelato Casatta
Hazelnut sponge filled with a layer of vanilla gelato, covered with infused brandy and topped with Italian meringue. Served with ponatone, wild berries and raspberry coulis. My favourite dish among all. I highly recommend everyone to give this dessert a try.

Dining pricing:
Christmas Menu Set: $148++ per pax
Bar Bites Set: $68++ for 2 pax

My Verdict:

The Christmas delights look average as no much food styling effort was added onto the overall appearance of the dishes. In terms of servicing, I am kind of disappointed as my friend requested an order, it wasn’t fulfilled. In terms of overall taste and pricing, it was still acceptable.

Caffé B Restaurant location address:
Caffe B 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-15 & 01-83
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
Marina Bay Sands, 018972

Opening hours: Daily: 12pm – 3pm, 6pm – 12am