Imprints Official Opening


Few days back, attended the Imprints official opening at Red Dot Museum. Thanks William for accompany me in this event, haha we first time visited Red Dot Museum and somehow i find it quite interesting. Building of red dot traffic located at Peck Seah street make people wonder how the interior look like…

Photo with Han Joo, William, Angie, Jason and Kenneth

William blowing attracted audience

Imprints basically talks about a design which show childhood memories, the innocent laughter and fear in life. Impress with those talented artists who created those design. Nice exhibition to visit, you might get ‘touched’ by their artwork. Thanks for the invitation! 🙂

Design of wall made from plastic bottles

Memories of innocent laughter or silly fears of monsters under the bed. Of feelings left unexplored and having your heart exposed to vulnerability – capture your memories in a time capsule with eight young contemporary artists at upcoming exhibition, Imprints, housed within the red dot design museum from 6 to 11 May 2010.

Weave your own story with the artists as they spin their yarn of childhood memories, forgotten places, human relationships and salvage fragments of their past. With a range of artworks comprising performance art, site-specific installations, oil paintings, ceramic works and more, Imprints creates an intimate dialogue as the artists’ works interact with this iconic yet historically profound building.