ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong Hotel Review


Hello Readers! It’s time to share with you guys about my Korea trip post! Last month, beautiful summer season in the middle of May, I went to Seoul Korea for vacation. It was my second time visit Seoul and till now I still pretty love it with their attractive landscape and traditional culture.

Yup! When we talks about travel, accommodation is definitely A MUST to include in the itinerary. Hence, during my 10 days holiday, I decided to stay at hotel ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong, main reason because it was located in the heart of Seoul at Insadong. The hotel was 10min walk distance away from Augku Subway Station. It’s very CONVENIENT for me to access any part of places in Seoul.

ibis Hotels – The Exterior

Here is my first look at ibis Ambassador insadong Hotel lobby! The place looks very traditional Korea feel and vibrant area for visitors to rest while waiting for their room to be ready for check-in. Likewise, I was engaged by their friendly and polite staff whose spoke fluent English and entitled to a welcome drink before check-in my room. Awesome! You will realize even some of their staff dress in hanbok (traditional clothing) to welcome their visitors. ^^

Time to check-in my hotel room! In ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong, there were total of 10 storey high. Well, I stayed at LEVEL 10!

Welcome to LEVEL 10 of ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong Hotel! 😀

Woohoo! Finally reach my destination! LOL… First look at my cooling room interior lighten up with beautiful and cozy lighting. It comes with all the necessary facilities such as work desk, wireless and broadband Internet access, LCD TV, heating and air-conditioning system and travel plug. Most IMPORTANTLY, they were user-friendly! ^^

Comfortable standard double bed

Work desk, Bathroom, Safe deposit box, and Coffee/tea making facilities

An area for me to put my gadgets and personal belonging.

Oh yeah! I am glad that the room itself comes with the Wi-Fi internet, thus for me to surf web on my laptop and updating news on my social media site. The high speed internet is super-fast!!! 5G speed maybe? 😉

Many of my friend said that the toilet was great.
I have no reason to explain but i like it too! xD

ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong Hotel leisure activities facilities includes GYM and Hot Bath service.

During my vacation period, I had a wonderful Morning started off with local delight traditional breakfast. Note that breakfast at ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong Hotel served between 6.30 and 10am.

Next! One of the specialties of ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong Hotel was their Roof Garden.

Keep on going… Keep on climbing the stairs…

I climbed about 2 levels more to reach the roof garden and I got stun when my first step out of the roof. I was awake by the refreshing air and felt lovely to see much awesome scenery facing toward the N Seoul Tower as well as a bird-eye view of Insadong.

A refreshing place for visitors to chill and enjoy the landscape scenery.

“Being alone never felt right. sometimes it felt good, but it never felt right.”

Bird-eye view of the robust city

Last but not least, I had an enjoyable hotel stay at ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong for my 10 days trip. I very appreciate their excellent and rapid services and thanks for the memorable memories.  Well, hope you guys have a joyful holiday with ibis hotels too! Cheers ya! ^^

Keep on walking the street.

ibis Ambassador Seoul insadong Hotel Address:
110-340 – SEOUL

TEL:  (+82)2 6730 1101
Website: http://www.ibis.com/gb/hotel-8002-ibis-ambassador-seoul-insadong/index.shtml