I Love You love you love you Forever


Great to say that i had watched the latest Singapore Local Film “Forever” movie directed by director Wee Li Lin! Yes! I do support local film too as the continue post from the local film poster exhibition i went last week.

After watching this movie, i feel like getting a girlfriend and married her soon! LOL!!! *Not easy i know..* Hahaha… Anyway, overall story of this “Forever” movie still not bad except the ending part.. I don’t really like the twist of the story for the ending, in fact i think it still can be improve..

幻想也是一种幸福 但真实中也是一种幻想… If you really love a person, do you really go for it? Or it just keep an illusion in your mind? All i want to conclude is that: “Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”
Forever Movie Synopsis:
Since she became a flower girl at the age of eight, JOEY has been in love with the idea of finding that special man and being his bride. So much so that she got a job as a video consultant at the Wedding Education Department (W.E.D.).

There, Joey shares the art of getting and marrying a man, through her romantic ‘faux’ wedding videos, which are screened to young singles all over Singapore. But the idea of fantasy and reality are blurred as Joey falls madly in love with GIN, a handsome music teacher from Taiwan. They appear together as bride and groom in a landmark W.E.D video that will serve as a prelude to their upcoming nuptials… [Read More]