I love taimei


我爱台妹 台妹爱我 对我来说林志玲算什么我爱台妹 台妹爱我 对我来说侯佩岑算什么…Opps..没有啦!请看以下就知道了!哈哈。。

Hello People! You guys know I love Taiwan but do you know I love TaiMei too? Opps..I mean the shop (i love taimei) above! which can be found in singapore too…Is just located right beside Bugis street.

With this I love taimei stall, you can find meal such as lin chi ling, cai yi ling combo meal. lols, it sound interesting but its just a food…hmm, so far i had tried their bubble tea and their spicy crispy chicken chop. It taste nice especially their chicken chop, is Hot and Spicy and tasty! 😀

Alright, you guys if interested to try out their combo meal or some snack food, feel free to pass by bugis street and you will see this stall. Dont get lost with their fake road menu! haha…Enjoy your combo meal! ^^

Tats all for today!
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