i Light Marina Bay Festival


Few days back, went down to marina bay with friends for photoshoot on light marina bay art festival which also known as ‘i Light @ Marina Bay’! Pretty cool to see many different colour of lights around the whole marina area.

Of course it was a free outdoor event whereby everyone can capture nice photo while walking all along from Marina Bay Promenade, Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge and toward esplanade places. Great that many tourists carried their professional camera to join in this art festival.

To transform a recycled material into a form of art and showcase by playing with the lights. Keep the environment green and clean.

About i Light Marina Bay:
Marina Bay plays host to i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s first sustainable light art festival, from 15 October to 7 November 2010. i Light Marina Bay celebrates the nightscape with the use of energy-efficient lighting and creates awareness for energy-saving lighting technology for the urban environment… Read More

Overall, it was a nice night outing among the lights around me.. hopefully i got free time to go down again to capture more nice photo! haha… Anyone want go with me? hehe xD… If want, do email me or leave a comment here!


  1. Did you see any projection on MayBank Building facade that day ?
    Supposed to be the highlight of the show.

  2. We went down to Esplanade tonight .
    None of us could figure out what is projected on MayBank Building.

    So blur!!Waste our time.

  3. We also went to see last night.
    Saw something on May Bank Building but can't figure what is it as it is so faint.

    A guide say it is because of the haze.Not so sure .Hope tonight is better.

  4. We will at Esplanade last night.
    Could hardly see clearly anything on May Bank Building.

    Not so sure whether there is any projection since it is so blur.

    Anyone saw it ?

  5. A group of us was at Marina Bay last night.
    Can someone tell us what happening on MayBank Building ?Some kind of a light show ?

    Seem there is something going on but all of us there could not figure what it is as it is not clear.

    Some of the LED installations around Marina Bay was nice.Well done.

  6. Any photos of the MayBank Building Light show ?

    Curious to see since everyone commenting about it .

    Is it really that bad ?

  7. Saw the Light Show on MayBank Building recently.
    Much better than before but nothing fantastic.

    Wish it was brighter and more interesting.

  8. Similar light displays should be organized often to enhance the Bay Area for local & foreign visitors.