I am Excited Tonight


Yes! As the title said ‘I am excited tonight!’ haha If you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that what happening tomorrow and this Sunday and also next next week! Yay ^^

After 6 hours of lecture today, went down to bugis with JianHao for shopping and at the same time, saw Jay Chou item! * its Bling Me* We went over and take a look at those Jay merchandises display product and one thing confirm is that, i gonna buy the Jay Chou Concert T-shirt in 2 week time! woohoo…haha awesome bling design! *check out some cool stuff below*

Next, we have our dinner at Uncle Kitchen located Bugis Junction B1. Best fried rice with 3 sweet BBQ chicken wing! Yummy!! =)

Oh yeah, remember me tweeting about Egg Tart few days back? haha yes, i managed to buy some egg tart at my house nearby and here it goes…haha the tradition egg tart.

Main point! Tomorrow Singapore Blog Award 2010 (#sba2010) Ceremony!! Was invited to #sba2010 as Ybloggist Finalist and me will be bringing my partner JianHao along to this ceremony…haha…Feel mad excited now as this my first time attending!

Stay tune for my live tweet on #sba2010 ceremony too! Who the winners of #sba2010? Result will be release tomorrow!

Turning 20th in 24 hours time!
Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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