Yam Ah Mee Youtube and George Yeo Press Conference


This few days, Singapore weather are very HOT (humid), temperature keep on increasing and in the way that people are perspiring. Yeah, you know why? Because Singapore have many HOT news recently! It’s all about politics in Singapore…

If you have been updating yourself with the Singapore news through either channelnewsasia or yahoo news, you guys will know that after the General Elections result released, there were some complain about the positing as well as politics from the netizens.

However, there are still happening and interesting news such as Yam Ah Mee the returning officer who announced the GE 2011 result and he turned overnight Singapore idol! With this sentence “Pursuant to Section 49, Sub-Section 7E, Paragraph A of the Parliamentary Elections Act.” Check out the video below:

Today HOT topic news: “Foreign Minister George Yeo leaves politics“. Today Foreign Minister George Yeo has hold his last conference saying that he will not be contesting in the next General Election. George Yeo we respect your decision and all the best to you in future! You have make us proud! Read more about his press statement, Do visit here: Press statement by George Yeo