Huawei show you some love in 5 simple steps during this CB Period

huawei show you some love

If you are living in Singapore, you should know that circuit breaker measures are strictly in place. Together with the travel ban, many of us are now confined at home and our plans are affected. While you are staying at home during this CB period, it is important for you to show some love and motivation to yourself and look after your own mental wellbeing.

There are many ways to take better care of yourself during this period. Well, Huawei teaches you how you can show yourself some love in these 5 simple steps.

meditation to calm your soul
Photo credit: JD Mason on Unsplash
1. Try out meditation to calm your soul

You heard it right. Meditation is something we’ve heard multiple times but it’s hard for many to turn it into a habit. Practising mindfulness helps to improve your well-being – it allows you to tune out distractions, improve memory and attention skills. All you need is to spend 10 minutes in the room, either at the start or end of the day and mid-day too if you’d prefer. There are many videos on meditation that you can find on YouTube from stretching to breathing to grounding exercises.

Apps like Tide and Peaceful Sounds, found on the Huawei AppGallery, can also help you to relax and meditate. There are even sleep sounds for you to listen to so you can have a good rest, recharge and get ready afresh for a brand new day.

home workout yoga
Photo credit: wee lee on Unsplash
2. Get some exercise to lift your mood

Exercising is a great way to keep your mind active – it blocks negative thoughts and is a good distraction for daily worries! Home workouts are increasingly popular during this period and some gyms are even offering free livestream for all to follow. Check out fitness videos on Huawei Video and complete a HIIT or Tabata workout in the comfort of your own home. Download apps like Home Workout to follow through a fitness routine without any use of equipment or if you prefer something less intensive, try the Daily Yoga app!

MeeTime app on huawei devices

3. Stay connected with your loved ones

We may be practising social distancing now but this doesn’t mean we stop connecting with them. Communicating with your friends and colleagues often is also a form of self-care – drop them a text to check in on them or send silly memes across. Reach out if you need someone to talk to so they can be there for you. A Whatsapp or Telegram message is all you need sometimes.

Make use of video conferencing tools like MeeTime, currently available on P40 phones to see faces of your loved ones as you chat with them. You can even have virtual movie or dinner dates together with your friends and check out each other’s faces and reactions!

Huawei P40 series

4. Learn that thing you always wanted to do

Do something more than just your work. Explore new things that can be done indoors, and it can be as simple as learning to bake or cook, even to take up online courses. This may also be a good time for you to get your creative juices flowing by picking up some new mobile videography or photography skills with the HUAWEI P40 Series. Create a “travel” vlog of you travelling around the house with its SuperSensing Cine Camera and 4k video resolution that is available on the front camera too! You can even erase pesky family members from your background as you snap your travels from your bedroom to the kitchen and then to the living room with the Huawei Golden Snap function.

MediaPad M5 Lite

5. Separate work from play

Another form of self-care is to give yourself some distance from work with some entertainment – make the time to catch up on your favourite dramas or movies using the Huawei AppGallery together with your Huawei tablet. Watch tons of movies on MediaPad T5’s 1080p full HD display without straining your eyes with the eye-comfort mode.

For parents with kids at home, let them have some fun with kid-friendly apps like and Subway Minion Rush Run on the MediaPad M5 Lite that provides enhanced eye comfort, while you get your Asian drama fix with streaming app Viu. Download fun apps like TikTok and turn yourself into a social media star with dance videos!

The Huawei AppGallery is now available across all Huawei devices!