Hpility SG: 20 Facts About Me


Woohoo! It’s 1st September 2013!!! Welcome everyone to my September life! So, for the first post on the 1st September, I am going to share with you 20 Facts about Me – which is recent instagram famous topic. If you have followed my instagram, you might have read it. However, I will still share all my 20 facts on my blog here! Haha… Time to know more about me ~

20 Facts about Me:

  1. I prefer people to call my initial – HP
  2. I am a high expectation person.
  3. I signed a 5 years contract for not going into relationship once before.
  4. I get jealous easily.
  5. I am a straight forward person.
  6. My dream is to produce international Film.
  7. I am a big and picky eater, a coffee and tea addict.
  8. I am attracted to girl who has talent.
  9. I am a boss, at the same time I am a leader.
  10. I love to watch movie.
  11. I like see natural landscape.
  12. I love piano music.
  13. I am a funny and crazy person.
  14. I cannot stay at home for whole day.
  15. I am a fickle minded.
  16. I love my 6-pack body but I have no time to maintain it.
  17. I can finish one whole cake by myself.
  18. I am a Social Media Addict.
  19. I love to travel.
  20. I have a strong characteristic.

Feel free to leave a comment and share with me about your 20 facts too! ^^ 
Stay tune for more exciting and interesting blog post update! *Smiles*