Hpility: Mr HP New Year 2013 Resolutions


Hi Everyone! Yes! A brand new year and tonight I will be sharing my New Year 2013 resolutions. A year passed just like a blink of eyes. Last year 2012, I am glad that I had a wonderful memory in life, in school as a student; I enjoyed my stressful moment with my classmate and being a blogger, I got to attend lots of exciting event happening in Singapore as well as oversea. I would also like to thanks my family, friends, online readers and client, company who accomplish my wishes last year.

This year, I would say that I am moving toward my interest. One thing I would like to do in this year is to create a short film and music video for my best friend. Although the film quality might not be that professional kind but I believe that it will be fun in the making process. All I wish for is an opportunity and I am waiting for this day to come… Well, there are many things I want to do in life, I just hope that year 2013 is an outstanding year for me to keep as my portfolio.

Here are my Top 30 New Year Resolution:

  1. Stay Healthy and Happy
  2. I want to get travel sponsor trip to TAIWAN, KOREA, JAPAN, CHINA
  3. More Advertorial and Sponsor product for my blog
  4. More exclusive events to attend
  5. I want to produce and direct my short film and music video
  6. A 1TB portable hard disk
  7. Print my latest namecard design by end of January 2013
  8. Hope to attend more gala premiere
  9. Launch my personal portfolio website – Hpility.SG
  10. Make my blog more interesting
  11. Gain more reader to my blog
  12. Meet up with my friends often
  13. I want to know more oversea friends
  14. I want a Piano/Keyboard
  15. I want to learn something new
  16. I want to make big film
  17. Graduate from NYP with good grade
  18. I want the world to know me – impossible I know…
  19. Save & Earn more money!
  20. Meet Jay Chou in person
  21. I want my life to be positive, unique and interesting
  22. Aiming for 2k ‘LIKE’ on my Facebook Fans Page
  23. Travel more, Eat more, Sleep more
  24. Make a great achievement in year 2013
  25. Self-improvement
  26. I want the new ipad
  27. I want to visit Taiwan
  28. Attend more Kpop Concert and Meet more Korean celebrity
  29. Helping my best friend to produce a music video

Last resolution is more private to me. Haha, maybe when the day comes, I will share it. Well, now you have seen my New Year resolution, so have you plan your resolution for this year? If yes, do share with me yours too! Feel free to comment your resolution here! *Smiles*