Hpility March Special: The Angelic Babies


Slide Video Description:
Angelic Baby slide video is a combination of group of babies’ photo and gives a picture of “Bring Back to Childhood Memories”. We took photo since we were born, we smile and cry since the first day on earth, we get to know things since we were grow up but how many people in this earth actually look back their childhood memories? We see everything we know everything and we treasure everything.

Below here were the bloggers who contribute their baby photo (Do let me know if i miss out your link), Thank you very much to make this slide video happen. Really appreciate it and hope everyone enjoy it! Have a great day ahead! *Smiles*


  1. hi HP,

    1) you should introduce yourself as "Producer" under credits 🙂
    2) When are u organizing guess-which-one-is-babyHP contest?

    andy (sengkangbabies)