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Hello Everyone! Some short introduction about me… I am Hong Peng, usually friends around me call me as (HP), age 21 this year and currently studying at Nanyang Polytechnic. My common hobbies are going shopping or chill out with friends, catching the latest movie and capture interesting image using my digital camera.

Introduction about My Blog:

Welcome to my official Hpility Blog Website! I been blogging since the year of 2007 till present and as year past, this blog has growth pretty well in its content and readerships. During the year of 2007, my blog link was http://hp-department-room.blogspot.com do you still remember? Yup! And in year 2008, ‘Hpility’ name was created by me and one of my best friends, Fazil. Blog Link officially created as: http://hpility.blogspot.com | https://www.hpility.sg

Hpility Blog First Debut in year 2007:

I started blogging in year 2007, Month of August. At that time, I have a blog but I didn’t consider myself as a blogger. Basically, it was a normal secondary school life day whereby my blog was just updating about my school life, things I like and maybe review on some movie.

Hpility Blog debut in year 2008:

One year later, Hpility blog make it into the year of 2008 debut. This was the year where my blog starting to get a little of popularity. Blog theme was created and blog post was updated daily. With the help of Nuffnang Innit (social blog forum), this blog popularity increase as days past.

Hpility Blog debut in year 2009:

In year 2009, this blog was recognized as Best interesting Blog on daily lifestyle and review. Blog was awarded by readers from different part of world as most friendly and creative personal lifestyle blog. Slowly, get invited to events such as movie screening. From here, I started to call myself as a blogger, Hence I started to write advertorial for blog shop.

Hpility Blog debut in year 2010:

In year 2010, Hpility Blog theme changed. A blue and cool illustrate graphic layout designed by Ripplewerkz Company. This blog readership increase up to over thousand of hits daily. I started to get invited to Media event, Movie private screening, product launch, Food Tasting, Wine Tasting, Press conference, Concert and showcase, Fashion event, private event and workshop.

This blog was nominated as Top 10 ‘Best youth blog’ category in OMY’s Singapore Blog Award.

Thanks to company: Nuffnang, Omy.sg, Mediacorp, Orange Clove, APBS, YourSingapore, Red Dawn Communications and ANIMAX for inviting me to the entire awesome events in year 2010!! Really appreciate it! ^^

Hpility Blog debut in year 2011:

Attended countless of events and knowing big group of friends from bloggersphere. Till today this blog still maintain its high readerships. A big thanks to all my reader who visited my blog frequently, without you guys of support, this blog couldn’t be so success. The story will still be continuing…

What is a BLOG to me?

My Blog title known as “Hpility Story”, Blog is a story of your memories which contain chapter which has an ‘opening’ and ‘ending’. Some people treat blog as their daily diary but for me, I treat it as a part of scene in life. Things we see, things we capture and things we share. It’s just like a film roll projected out on the big screen.

Reveal ‘Hpility’ word meaning:

Hpility is pronouns as HP Li Di (立地). It actually comes from my name and the combination of 2 Chinese words (立地). Well, if you guys go Google or check dictionary on 立地, it actually mean SITE. In this case, HP site which also known as HongPeng website.

Hpility Blog Layout Description:

‘writing a Story with Reality, Sharing the world exist at Hpility’. My Personal Website contains variety of topics and sharing things come from different places. If you are my daily reader, you guys will know that my common topic which you can see in my blog will be photography, events, contest, food and movie review, advertorial and Personal stuff.

Lastly, I will keep updating interesting blog post! Feel free to share this blog with your friends and friends around the world! Hope everyone enjoy reading and viewing it, any feedback feel free to drop me an email or comment under this post too.


  1. I have been looking for the similar posting like this. My day seems to be completed now. Now I can think of just one thing and that is giving my comment as a way of showing gratitude.And yes i have tweeted your site hpility.blogspot.com .

  2. Anonymous: Hey! Glad that you have found this site and thanks for your great comment and mention my site in your twitter! 🙂

    Remember to drop by more often for all the interesting update! ^^

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