Hpility at H&M Singapore Shopping Mall Opening


Woohoo! Its first week of Saturday in September 2011, have you visited orchard today? If yes, you guys will know that today orchard was flooded with full of people because of the H&M Singapore Grand Opening and YES!! I am one of the crowds who went there in the early morning! Hahaha

My friends and I reached somerset about 10am and saw the massive long queue starting from the H&M shopping mall located at No 1 Grange Road, Orchard Building. Many people were excited for the opening and entering the H&M shopping mall as well as grabbing their favorable item too.

To join in Singaporean style atmosphere of queuing, we queued about 1 hour just to enter the H&M shopping mall. Woot! While inside the shopping mall, we spent nearly 2.5 hours to shop the 3 level of H&M and of course brought a few item back as we move along. *Awesome*

Well, some of the H&M item such as shirts design, accessories, jeans, pants had caught my eyes attention from buying it. Seriously it was a very tempting moment!!! Hahaha… If you are free this weekend or any day itself, feel free to visit the H&M Singapore new shopping mall at Somerset/Orchard! Have fun and enjoy your shopping! *Smiles*