How to Track Warranty on Tech Products?

tracker app

In a single year, we buy multiple tech products and each one of them comes with a separate warranty period. Keeping track of all these warranties can be very difficult, if not impossible. This is why we have warranty tracker apps like It helps you to keep track of all your tech products and sends you notifications when the expiry date of a warranty is near.

tracker app

You will come across many warranty tracker apps out there. Some of them are online and others are available in the app form. Most of these apps are can be used on both iOS and Android phones.

If you are a regular buyer of tech products, you should use a warranty tracker app. In this post, we will tell you important things about warranty tracker apps and also how to use them.

How does a warranty tracker app work?

A warranty tracker application or website is designed to keep track of your warranties. When you buy a new product, it comes with a warranty. The warranty period is like a written assurance from the manufacturer. If anything happens to the product within the warranty period, you can get it fixed or replaced without spending any extra money. This is why it is important to keep the warranties of your products safe. Once you misplace it, you can no longer enjoy the benefits of a warranty period.

With the help of a warranty tracker, you can store all your product warranties in one place. Since you will be storing them on a digital platform, there is less chance of you losing them. Most of these apps offer cloud storage which means your details will be safe even if you lose your phone.

After buying a new tech product, you need to save the product receipt and warranty details in the app. The good thing about these apps is that you can store as many product details as you want. There is no limit on the number of product warranties you can store.

When the expiry of a product warranty is near, the app will send you a notification alert. This will keep you updated on all your warranties, without you having to do much. You can use a warranty tracker app on your phone, tablet, and even PC. But make sure that you are using a reliable app.

How to use a warranty tracker app?

There are different warranty trackers available. But almost all of them operate the same way. To give you an idea, we are describing the basic steps of using a warranty tracker app.

Here you go with the details:

1. Once you install a warranty tracker app on your device, you need to create an account or register yourself.
2. Now enter your product warranty and receipt details.
3. Save the stored information. Many of the apps offer cloud storage which means you will be able to access your details from any other device you want.
4. Some apps allow you to categorise your warranties based on active, expiring, and expired. Some apps send you notification alerts when a warranty is about to expire.
5. By storing all warranty details in one place, you can access them anytime, anyplace. You will have all your details in the palm of your hand.

Tracking warranties of tech products have become so much easier with warranty tracker apps. Most of these apps are free and offer efficient service. Also, you can use them on both android and iOS devices. This is the best solution you can get to keep track of all your product warranties.