How to Spot Blogger in National Service (NS)


My days in Tekong…

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog! By the time you see this blog post, I am already in camp for training… Woot! Yes I am in camp now! Got miss me anot? Hahaha… As my mention few days back on my FB, “How to spot blogger in National Service (NS)”!

What did blogger miss when they got into army life? Is it Pink IC? Hmm…Maybe abit? I think so… The two thing really missed are ‘BLOG’ and ‘EVENTS’ and of course ‘weekend party’! Tio Bo? So, How to spot blogger in National Service (NS)? Below here are the tips:

  • They will feel the withdrawal syndrome of using non-camera smartphone
  • They will try to access social media site almost every night
  • Blogger will have prepared their schedule post as well as tweets
  • You may find out from their eating style
  • The topics when they mingles with their bunks mate
  • They are friendly and helpful
  • They will talk about the food in camp especially those food blogger
  • Blogger got a habit to do “research”
  • They will try to take a photo and share on twitter, FB, Instagram at the GREEN ZONE area
  • They will as and when stare at the ceiling as though it is computer screen