How To Get Featured On Instagram Explore – A Complete Guide

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Before going into Instagram explore, let’s see about the term ‘explore’ itself. You know it’s a term that carries curiosity along with it. It means the process of search which is what brings you here right now. It lets you go through the ocean of new things that you want to see. Likewise, Instagram explore page contains an ocean of posted content that contains photos, videos, stories, IGTV content that u might find interesting and likable.

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The Instagram explore page contains content from the users who you are not following. So how is it possible? The posts that display on your Instagram explore page are based on the accounts you follow and the content you most interact with. Explore page for every user differs.

If you often interact with posts related to football (the real one) and you follow accounts related to it, Instagram will acknowledge it and bring football content to your explore page automatically. And those contents often appear from the accounts you don’t follow, But are most relevant to you. When you visit someone’s account who actually you don’t follow, soon you will find their posts on your explore page.

Feels weird? No. This might be interesting for you if you and your posts can appear on Instagram explore page. How good does that sound?


Learned how Instagram explore page works? Then let’s learn some techniques to make it work in your way.


Yes, you heard it right. If you are using a private profile, switch it to a public profile.
Private profiles are meant to protect your post from strangers or people who don’t follow you. So it’s obvious that your posts can’t reach the explore page. When your profile is public, anyone who has an Instagram account can see your posts and interact with them.


You can post whatever content from your account, but not everything will bring likes and comments. So you have to find what kind of post people actually like from your account. You can analyze which post created more engagements compared to other posts.For example, if you post content about food and travel in your account, the posts on food create more engagement than travel, then it means people actually like your posts on food.

Be it your style of the post, captions, or whatever that people find interesting, you should keep posting it. And if you are using a business account, this process will be comparatively easy since it offers many analytics and statistics about your content. But in the end, it’s up to you and your purpose, may it be about business to generate your leads or for fame.

best time to post on instagram

When you are posting your content is as important as WHAT you are posting. Imagine HBO airing a show like Game of Thrones on Wednesday noon. There is no point in it just like the show’s final season. So You should know the right time to post your content.

Knowing the right time in the sense, finding the active hours of your followers and basically majority users. Keeping up the time zone of your audience in mind, you could calculate their active hours.

There are some specific hours usually people will be active on Instagram.

  • Early morning around 6-7 when usually people check their mobiles in bed.
  • The lunch hours are when people are actually free, be it working people or students.
  • Evening around 5-7 pm when people go to relax mode after their whole day routine.
  • Weekends – it’s that time of the week people long for during weekdays. They might be active at any time of the day during weekends.

But if you want to know the specific active hours of your followers, business profiles have insights features that will help you with the statistics about active hours and demographics of your followers completely. You can even know about the age group of your audience so that the circle of the target audience will become lesser and so better.


Good content will bring good engagements to the posts but still, it’s not always sure. There is a chance that your content will not get the right amount of likes or comments you expect.

And lesser the engagement, there is less chance of getting into the Instagram explore page as per Instagram’s algorithm. Besides creating good content, you could increase engagement when you receive automatic Instagram likes for your posts and make them reach the Explore page with great ease. Also there are some tricks you could follow.

One of them is writing a catchy caption. Caption catches the attention of the viewers that lead them towards engagement. Sometimes writing captions in the form of questions and action-creating phrases will give you a higher chance of engagement.

For example, captions like ‘hit like if you are an animal lover’ or ‘comment your favorite movies below’ will push the viewers to engage with the post. This will also help you to learn about the viewers more.

Posting interactive content will significantly gain your engagement so that the chance of getting into the Instagram explore page will become high.

add hashtag on instagram

For Instagram or any other social media posts, hashtags are like fuel that helps you drive your content to the top. Adding vital hashtags that are relevant and most used for your content will bring your posts more reach among the non-followers.

People specifically search for posts using hashtags and having that in your posts will make your post reach a wider audience and it also Instagram finds your post which will eventually lead your posts to feature in Instagram explore page.

But remember the thing, don’t spam hashtags. Use important and limited hashtags in your captions and add others in your comments.

The next thing you can do is add the location to your posts. By adding a specific location, Instagram will find your post and add it to the collection of posts with that location. This brings a new set of viewers and also will add it to Instagram explore page for people who are relevant to that location.

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This is another way to make it into explore page. Collaborating with big accounts will gain you more reach. Moreover, the viewers of those accounts can engage with your posts and thus have the possibility of getting into their explore page with your next post. Yes, it’s tough to get collaborations, but there is another way.

You can tag brands or big accounts in your posts when the content is relevant. There is a chance of getting your post shared by them. Not only this, but the Instagram algorithm considers this as high-priority content related to the tagged account. So your post could be featured on the explore page.

But yeah, don’t tag Nike and Adidas in your food post. Tag brands only when the content contains a product or person related to it. Because the Instagram algorithm also works in the opposite way.

Alright. These are some easiest ways that will put you on the Instagram explore page. This may take time but that’s how Instagram works. So stop waiting and do your thing continuously, who knows you may get verified by Instagram itself.