How to Find New Homes or Villas for Rent in Koh Samui

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Homes or Villas for Rent in Koh Samui

According to CBRE, the real estate industry in Singapore remains the second most expensive housing market compared to the rest of Southeast Asia countries with an average of US$1,063 per sq ft. Some investors may face difficulties when it comes to dealing or investing in private properties in Singapore. Concerns may include the low return of investment due to high market pricing and unattractive size of land. Faced with such a situation, you might want to find an alternate source of investment in another part of Southeast Asia.

Places such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand have more land, flexible policies and low market pricing. Let’s consider Thailand which is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Singaporeans.

The rules to owning a property in Thailand

Invest in the building, not land.
Foreigners cannot own land in Thailand due to the new legal restrictions governing the Thai property market. However, foreign investors can choose to buy a freehold condominium and own up to 49% of the total units. It is highly recommended for investors to have legal planning with Thai lawyers before purchasing any condominiums or apartments in Thailand.

Also make sure that all the data that you provide to the Thai government is accurate to avoid any misunderstandings. Be smart in your choice of property agents in Thailand as you will need their assistance to help you manage the process and advise on the legal documents. Do note that property taxes are quite low and that there are various property fees in Thailand.

Buying a Thai company is possible for villas and lands, but not for condominiums. This new Thai law was set to prevent foreigners from owning landed property. However, there are alternative ways whereby you can set up a business with a Limited Thai Company, and, in order to adhere to the law, your company needs to run a legitimate business and majority of Thai shareholders need to be above 49%.

Property Investment in Koh Samui

Many of us have heard of Bangkok or Pattaya but have you heard of Koh Samui?

Property Investment in Koh Samui

It is the second-largest island in Thailand covered with beautiful palm-fringed beaches and mountainous rainforests. There are many attractions such as the well-known Laem Sor Pagoda and Wat Plai Laem Buddhist temples. In terms of activities, there are sunset sailing tours, relaxing spa treatments and even night street markets.

If you are planning to invest in a property in Koh Samui, you definitely need to look for a real estate partner and Samui Exclusive offers investors a link-bridge to facilitate property transactions exclusively on Koh Samui. This includes buying and selling as well as leasing and property management and maintenance. They have a wide selection of properties which range from residence lands, apartments, suites, villas and condominiums.

I believe investors can trust their 9 years of expertise in order to make a safe and informed investment in Koh Samui.

The advantages of investing in Koh Samui

The main reason why you should invest in properties in Koh Samui is because of its convenient location, ease of transportation, wherever your are in South East Asia, as well as it’s developed infrastructure.

There are direct flights from Singapore Changi Airport to Samui International Airport. It is also a perfect tropical holiday destination for Singaporeans to enjoy stunning beaches and attractions with their loved ones. With the high volume of tourists to Samui, this also means that you can achieve a higher return of investment through villa or apartment rentals.

To conclude, buying a property in Koh Samui can be easy and straightforward with a reliable and trustworthy real estate partner. Be mindful that property investment can be a risk especially in a foreign country. Therefore, you need to hire a local lawyer to advise you regarding the country legislation and regulations so that you can avoid any misunderstandings or miscommunication. To safeguard yourself in the dealing process, it is always good to prepare a black and white agreement document and have it signed by both parties. Happy investing in Koh Samui, Thailand today!