How Technology Helps In Bringing You More Popular On Instagram

instagram tips

Instagram is a famous social media network with above one billion active users every month, sharing 200 million images and 5 billion likes every day.

Instagram tips

Instagram becomes a fun platform for teenagers and an advertising & marketing tool for brands and individuals. Nowadays, people on the platform join hands with influencers and provide massive giveaways on Instagram, and they have gained many people’s hearts.

You can grab these technological tactics and tips if you want to become more popular on Instagram quickly.

Be Active On All Your Platforms

There are various social media networks, and many audiences pick their favorite one to strengthen their social presence or develop their brand or business standards. If you use the different networks, you will acquire various types of audiences. So, you could share your Instagram profile to your other networks and ask your audience there to follow you on Instagram. You gain new followers quickly whenever you do this.

Utilize Hashtag Feature

You want to add various hashtags in your Instagram captions. Bring more hashtags to your post telling what is in your image and add some relevant hashtags to your image and trending ones. And also, add your unique hashtags to it because people could recognize you quickly on the platform. You could gain a vast audience to your posts through this technological way of using hashtags. Many online tools are available for free to search for the best hashtags and relevant hashtags for your posts. It helps gather enormous viewers to your Instagram content and increases engagements.

Utilize Your Bio Section Perfectly

Don’t set your profile bio permanently. Change it regularly and make it more attractive. It’s the first spot everyone sees when a stranger gets into your profile. So it should be more beautiful and perfect to hook them as your followers. You can add a clickable link to your profile. It’s the only place on the platform to bring a link to get the audience to your landing page. The story option recently brings the clickable link option through the “Swipe Up” feature, but you need to be a verified account on the platform and have acquired over 10K followers. All these technological ideas drive more traffic to your targeted or landing page increasing more conversions.

Instagram post

Upload More Images In a Post

The platform allows every user to post nearly ten images in a post known as a Carousel post. If you’re ready to upload your selfies, why just one? You might have more selfies. Gather attractive selfies and post 3-5 pictures in a single post. It’s unnecessary to upload every ten images every time, and you could change the posting image count every time. It brings the audience to stay longer on your post, and you might gain more followers and engagements with more images.

Go Creative When Describing Your Image

Instagram does not have any character limits in the caption area. Describe more about your picture or video in the caption area to grab every audience’s attention to watch your entire content. You go better once you have started writing. Also, add more hashtags that describe your image or video and also relevant hashtags to your content. It helps the audience to get your content that follows the specific hashtag. Whatever your content might be, research and mention the trendy hashtags in the caption to gain more engagement, and it’s considered one of the technological ways on the platform.

Nowadays, most of the users on the platform use the Instagram reels feature to reach their target audience. Here the need for descriptions and hashtags is high. Many users research hashtags and description points for their content before uploading. Because they are the primary path for reels to reach a vast audience, assuming best description and hashtags gets abundant reels likes on Instagram and skyrockets your engagement rate in a short time.

Utilise Story Feature On Instagram

You could utilize the story feature to upload content about what is happening with you and your business or brand. It brings you to interact more with your targeted audience in an engaging way. You can use the polls or Q&A options on stories to engage more with your audience. Share your feed posts in your story feature for the audience who have missed the post on your feed section on the platform.

Unlike Instagram reels, story content on the platform disappears in a day. These disappearing story contents would save in the archive option. You can see your story content here whenever you want, but it won’t be available publicly on your profile. If you need them to place on your profile available to everyone who visits your profile, you can select your stories and save them to the highlights feature on the platform. It appears below your profile bio section. Highlight features contain your story contents that stay on your profile permanently.

Ask For More Engagements

It’s a simple technological tip. If you ask your audience to share, comment, like your posts on Instagram, they can do it. Also, you could bring a question to your post and ask your audience to answer it in the comment section. In this way, you can receive more answers and audience opinions in the comment section to increase engagement rates effectively. Once you have posted content on the platform, share it with your circles within the app and externally. It brings a part of an engagement to your latest post on the platform.

Utilise Tech Tools

There are many online tools available for free that help brings your tasks on the platform more efficiently and explain what to update to make your profile more attractive. Also, there are multiple tools to schedule your posts on Instagram to specific times and dates. You could get your post and profile deep analytics and acquire how they’re performing. Depending on that, you can conclude what content to post or not.

Utilise Apps To Suggest Hashtags And Captions

If you are confused about hashtags and captions for your image, various apps online help you come out with effective hashtags and captions. It’s an entirely automatic process, where you need to upload a picture that you need hashtags and captions for.


The points mentioned above are the technological tips and tactics to bring more engagement on Instagram. More engagements for your account means a more famous profile on the platform. Thus, you become popular among over a billion profiles and skyrocket your brand or business to the top level.