How Food Delivery is Working in COVID19 Pandemic. Is it Really Safe?

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The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changes our habits, forcing us to stay at home. In these conditions, the on-demand food delivery Industry has acquired a new, almost strategic importance – but can it also be safe?

Food Delivery is Working in COVID19 Pandemic

According to media reports, the number of orders for delivery services has risen sharply on every food delivery software. Since January, the demand for delivery on the online platform has increased by 35%. Last week, the delivery apps reported that for one weekend in March in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the number of orders increased by 22%, and the average bill – by 15%. More and more people prefer to order products and things online.

How to protect yourself while receiving the goods, if you ordered a courier on last mile delivery software or if you need to pick up the parcel at the pick-up point near the house? Here are some simple but important tips to overcome challenges faced by food delivery companies.

Contactless Courier Delivery

One of the most effective ways to prevent the virus is to reduce contacts. But how to order dinner or buy a new board game without a mandatory meeting with the delivery man? This is exactly the method used in Wuhan during an outbreak of the virus, when many people were afraid to go shopping. The courier left the order at the door of the apartment, went to the “safe” three meters and called the customer on the phone to confirm the order.

Instead of visiting stores and restaurants, people switched to online shopping with home delivery. The companies reacted to the new reality and hastened to remove the only point of contact in this process. Contactless delivery has become an important preventative measure of protection against coronavirus through remote consumption. The lack of direct contact of people, the transfer of banknotes and even card payments on the spot – so online trading and delivery turned out to be the most prepared for the situation.

Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, Uber Eats and other online sites have already mastered this service in India.

● If the store you have selected provides contactless delivery, then this information will most likely be on the site. Check – and make a purchase.

● If you made an order in an online store that does not provide such a service, call the call center and arrange directly with the courier when he will call you about the delivery details.

● If you buy a product on an online classifieds site, the terms of “contactless ness” can be discussed in advance with the seller of the product (if you meet him in person) or the delivery man by phone or in the messenger.

Sellers are now particularly interested in maintaining the health of their customers, couriers and a positive image of a company that cares about security for all. In China, for example, many restaurants along with the order put special cards on which the temperature of the people who participated in the preparation of food and delivery was indicated.

The rules of non-communication if you want to grow your delivery business from the COVID-19:

  • If you still need to check the goods in the presence of the courier or pay for the order, then this can be done safely.
  • Refrain from shaking hands and wear disposable gloves. If they were not in the house, put on simple gloves. After accepting the order, do not remove gloves.
  • Throw away the packaging or box as soon as you open the package. And if there is an opportunity to wash the purchased goods with soap or with a disinfectant (for example, products or plastic products), do it. Experts from Roskachestvo, for example, recommend washing even packing goods with soap, soaking vegetables and fruits, and treating the table and countertops in the kitchen.
  • Do not forget to process your phone or card after payment. Very often, we forget that germs can remain on gadgets or objects that a potentially sick person has touched.
  • Now take off your gloves, be sure to wash your hands or treat your hands with antiseptic gel. Gloves – in the wash.

It often happens that picking up the goods at the point of delivery is much more convenient than waiting for the courier all day, and often much cheaper. How can you take care of your health in this case?

Safe reception of goods at the pick-up point

In Russia, the food apps are giving preference to Postamata. Now this type of delivery of goods is gaining popularity. Through the pedestal installed in the supermarket nearest to you, you can independently pick up your order at any time convenient for you without contacting the transport service employees. Wear gloves to enter the code to open the cell.

Delivery to the pick-up point or to the Post office

Delivery of the order to the point of delivery is convenient in that they are located next to the house and it’s enough to walk a couple of meters to receive your parcel. For example, if you made a purchase on Avito and chose the Avito Delivery service, more than 35 thousand points of delivery are available to you throughout Russia.

Transport companies are taking all necessary measures to prevent coronavirus. For example, in the Russian Post, bosses send daily reports on the health of employees, monitor the presence of masks and the frequency of cleaning. Therefore, the risks of getting sick by visiting the department are reduced. But still, do not forget about additional precautions.

On-demand courier and parcel deliveries solutions have been delivered to the pedestal or point of delivery, then follow the same measures as when taking the goods from the courier: gloves, disinfection or disposal of the packaging, and clean hands.