Hi My Sweetheart Episode 12


Hi My Sweetheart Episode 12

Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 12 review! Here come my weekly review on hi my sweetheart once again! Have you watch Episode 12? Well, Please prepare a pack of tissues before you watching it..cos is really super touching!…haha…In episode 12, i very pity Xue Hai…Total i think damage of 3 slap on his face…But Did Bao Zhu really leave him? read further down…

After Bao Zhu know everything from Xue Hai…She was pretty angry and give Xue Hai total of 3 slap…But this 3 slap not really 3 slap, because in filming, there include of Long shot,medium shot and close up close on the character…Therefore this 3 slap is some how equal to 9 slap!! omg…Face pain lo…haha

Bao Zhu decided to quit her DJ job and Xue Hai leave her alone after all the sad case happened on him. However, because of one night fire at radio station…Xue Hai rush in and save Bao Zhu out, unfortunately after the whole scenario, Xue Hai turn into Coma status…

His Da Jie also fall sick while Xue Hai still coma…Xue Hai family was very sad to see him in this status…Next Day, Bao Zhu came over and talk to Xue Hai…Few minutes later, Xue Hai woke up, Bao Zhu called Mo li along But Next second, Xue Hai was missing!….and one interesting is Xue Hai has turn back to Lin Da Lang! lols…Story Continue from episode 13…

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 13! Lin Da Lang (Xue Hai) lost his memory and he got new Lover!..Omg..and his new lover is damn pretty ar…haha…Bao Zhu founded Xue Hai (Da Lang) but he dont remember her…Story going interesting in episode 13! Below here are the Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 13 video (Trailer Preview). Stay tune for more review coming up!

羅志祥 – Xue Hai / Lin Da Lang
楊丞琳 – Chen Bao Zhu / Tian Xin
李威 – He Yan Feng

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