Hi My Sweetheart Episode 11


Hi My Sweetheart Episode 11

Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 11 review! Here come my weekly review on hi my sweetheart once again! Have you watch Episode 11? I know this review has delay one day but still gonna be interesting! haha…Episode 11 was such a sad moment whereby Bao Zhu had decided to forget Lin Da Lang in her memories…But…The memories still remain same…

Xue Hai was helping Bao Zhu to forget Lin Da Lang, Therefore, during the valentine day, Xue Hai meet up Bao Zhu and tell her everything about the current Lin Da Lang status.. (A white lie to her). Bao Zhu was very sad after knowing Da Lang had married…

Bao Zhu Fly back to hang zou and decided to buried all her and da lang memory…Xue Hai followed along to help her forget everything had happen 3 years back…However, it wasnt work at all..because of Xue Hai face keep Bao Zhu reminding on Da Lang…

As Story coming to the end of epsiode 11…He Yan Feng know that Xue Hai is Lin Da Lang! Yan Feng was angry and want Xue Hai explain the overall happening…Fighting occur in Xue Hai office and Mo li and Ye Qian finally met Bao Zhu…To be continue in episode 12…

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 12! I guess everyone is waiting for it now…I’m wondering what going to happen in episode 12…Bao Zhu found out Xue Hai real identity and give him a slap…FM radio got on Fire and Bao Zhu, Xue Hai was injured…Story going interesting in episode 12! Below here are the Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 12 video (Trailer Preview). Stay tune for more review coming up!

羅志祥 – Xue Hai / Lin Da Lang
楊丞琳 – Chen Bao Zhu / Tian Xin
李威 – He Yan Feng

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