Hi My Sweetheart Episode 10


Hi My Sweetheart Episode 10

Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 10 review! Here come my weekly review on hi my sweetheart once again! Have you watch Episode 10? Many people predict that episode 10 will be nice and Yes! is really nice…Very touching… hahaha…Story continue From episode 9…As Bao Zhu rush up on taxi, Xue Hai also following by driving his car chasing over but this taxi gone crazy and make an accident…

Xue Hai was worried and keep calling Bao Zhu name…However, nothing happen to Bao Zhu…As story goes on…The next day, Xue Hai say to Bao Zhu that he can give her anything any request she make in this world…Bao Zhu replied by he want to meet Da Lang again. Xue Hai accepted the request.

Before enter into deeper story…Do you still remember Mo li and Ye Qian? They finally come out in episode 10! haha…They went to Xue Hai house for lunch and Mo li was surprised that she didnt know Da Lang is Xue Hai…Well, many interesting things happen between them…Oh yes! Xue Hai sister also change her hairstyle and is freaking funny lor! hahaha…A new look…

Back to sad story time…Xue Hai give Bao Zhu a present during her birthday…An ice-cream shop whereby Bao Zhu usually went…Lin Da Lang finally appear! haha…The cute Da Lang has been missing in many episode! Da Lang hate Bao Zhu because of all the misunderstanding…When Bao Zhu said out the reason…Da Lang mind kinda change…Its all fate after so long…

Episode 10 was very touching at the part where Da Lang met Bao Zhu to know all the truth on what happen during 3 years back…Xue Hai (Da Lang) Still got one more question he want to know..about the note…hmm…Story Continue in episode 11…

Hi My Sweetheart Episode 11! I guess everyone is waiting for it now…I’m wondering what going to happen in episode 11…Bao Zhu found out Xue Hai real identity..i still wondering the ending Bao Zhu will choose who….Below here are the Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) Episode 11 video (Trailer Preview). Stay tune for more review coming up!

羅志祥 – Xue Hai / Lin Da Lang
楊丞琳 – Chen Bao Zhu / Tian Xin
李威 – He Yan Feng

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