The Health Benefits of Alkaline Water to the Human Body

Alkaline Water

We are sure health, fitness and well-being is a key concern for you and your loved ones. Keeping our bodies fit and immune to ailments depends a lot on what we eat & drink daily. But at times lack of knowledge and discipline prevents us from adhering to a healthy lifestyle. The most important point is the water bottles with times, with this feature you will be able to keep a record of your water intake.

Alkaline water i.e. plain treated water that helps in neutralising acid levels in the body and it’s benefits is one of the new practice to have made its way into the wellness and healthy eating trend worldwide. Drinking alkaline rather than normal water, offers numerous health benefits.

AOX, a local water company released this Infographic explaining the benefits, composition and methods of making Alkaline Water.

Alkaline Water

By regulating pH levels of the body, antioxidant alkaline water prevents various chronic diseases generating due to the acidic state of the body. It also offers many other advantages which have been proven thru studies and experiments.

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