The Haunted House Project Movie


It’s Horror movie time! Today went to watch the Korean Horror Movie – The Haunted House Project with my classmate, Justin, as well as few other bloggers at Shaw plaza. *Get ready to hide your face away from the screen, because its really horror!!*

Basically, this movie started with an interview toward the public people about the rumors of the Haunted House… After that, a team of 3 Paranormal investigators decided to take a challenge on exploring this haunted house and things happened suddenly throughout their filming process *shaky scene*..

One thing i like about this horror movie was that, it’s film very real. As in you dunno “when the scary part is going to happen and when the silence part is going to end..” It’s just like taking a video camera and bring you into a horror world to explore the real things which you never see before.

As my conclude, Don’t ever disturb and stay out if you want to stay alive. Not say that you cannot explore but explore to a certain limit. Don’t ever dare your life to a thing which cannot be seen. I rate this Haunted House Project movie: 3/5 stars.

The Haunted House Project Movie Synopsis:
Over the course of 42 years, 6 went missing, 8 had accidents and 11 were murdered…
3 Paranormal investigators and 3 camera crew decide to look into this infamously haunted house. Ignoring the danger, the group of six entered the haunted house and disappeared without a trace. A video footage of what they shot during their visit was recovered and may reveal the truth of their disappearance…


  1. I watched this and still didn't get it quite right…
    why and what killed the family? and the secretary? and then the crew and paranormal investigators?

  2. this is actually a copy to the american film 'the blair witch project' (since that movie also started with interviews and 3 documentary students going to 'explore' the place).
    Interesting how the asian media is using this idea as it's quite refreshing.