Happy Graduation Day 2013 from Nanyang Polytechnic


Hi Everyone! Woohoo! It’s Graduation Day and I am now officially graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) at School of Engineering Diploma in Multimedia & Info Comm.  3 Years just pass in a blink of eyes and it was a memorable day to see all the graduates gathered at the NYP Auditorium to witness the day of graduation ceremony.

I am glad to know lots of helpful friends who guided me in my weak subject and friendly lecturers who had taught me for the past three years. I still remembered the day we been through the Common Test, Project and Exam was kind of stress period in life but somehow we still managed to conquer it.

While waiting for our turn to collect our graduation certification on stage!

As days passed, i realize that the day is long but the time is short, it isn’t the day waiting for you to pass but is the time keep chasing after you. Hence, I would like to Thank all my friends, Lecturers as well as readers who been supporting me for the past three years. Thank You All!!! Without further ado, let’s check out my graduation day 2013 photos here!

My turn getting Graduation Certificate on Stage!

Congratulation to myself! Hahaha

At NYP Atrium 

Photo with Desmond Tan!

Photo with Matthew! My joker classmate! Haha

Photo with Heimun! The girl who share same birthday as me! 😉

The joyful moment of graduation 2013

My lovely classmate and lecturer!

The Directors Shot! Hope in future got chance to collaborate with him! Hehe 😉

Photo taking time! First of all, I would like to thank CF Chai and Dedrick Koh for attending my graduation ceremony and taking all the awesome shot in this blog post!

Photo with Senior – CF Chai! She graduated from NYP too!

Photo with Dedrick, one of my awesome buddy in NYP! ^^

Photo with Arif

Photo with Justin Ong!

Photo with Zhi Rong!

1, 2, 3 Pose! Look like Harry Potter movie… lol

Photo with Jian Hao and Jie Ling! My Project team mate.

Photo with Famous Lecturer in DMIT – Mr Boo! He taught me too!

Photo with Mr Edmund Teo! Manager of SEG

My honour to have a photo with Mr Edward Ho. 
Deputy Principal (Development) & Senior Director of SEG

With this, it’s time for me to move on to the next path of my life!