Happy 10th Birthday to Windows XP


Can you remember what you were doing 10 years ago?
What about the kind of technology you used and what a day at the office was like? For many people, October 25, 2001, whether they remember it or not, changed the way they worked.

On this day in history Windows XP launched to significant fanfare worldwide and influenced a huge shift in the way people work. And while Windows XP was a great product for its time, what people expect from their technology has changed over the last decade.

We’re an increasingly mobile workforce that requires modern technology and devices to keep pace with the speed of business. Nowadays people want to be productive not just at the office but anywhere they want to work.

Ten years ago, the majority of PCs were bulky desktops. Today, people tend to prefer a laptop computer. According to IDC, in 2001, about 80% of shipments worldwide were desktops and about 20% were laptops. In 2011, the forecast is 40% desktops and 60% laptops.Times have changed and so has the technology.

Today, with Windows 7 and Office 2010 people can realize all of the benefits of a modern PC. Office 2010 addresses the shifts in how people work in the office or on the go and Windows 7 enables great experiences while helping IT departments keep their environment secure and well managed.


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