Hacker Band at St Jame’s Dragonfly


Hello people! Welcome back to my blog! Its another weekend, how you guys been doing? if you have follow my twitter, you guys will know that few days back i attended an event at st James dragonfly. Thanks omy.sg for the exclusive invitation and today i will be sharing the happening!

Its an event about media viewing of st James dragonfly new Happy Hour band (Hacker) and some food sampling on item on its bar food menu, of course free flow of drinks included! haha…

Yup! Above and below these picture you saw here was Hacker Band. They are Singapore local band and one thing interest me was that, they sang all my favourite song during that night. Hacker Band really play the music and sing the song well…Overall, the performance on Hacker Band was great.

While listening to nice music and song, we also told to order some food for the sampling. However, we ordered the whole food on the bar menu. *the staff there was stun at first* lols… *sharing some food picture below here*

Hawaiian pizza, Beancurd, crispy shanghai Dumpling, crispy popcorn chicken, satay and etc… All the food the staff serve up was awesome! Food taste pretty fresh and yummy! We been keep eating non-stop and going round for rounds…haha…

Here come our drinks, below this picture you see was the drinks we ordered 3X! Total 60 plus of alcoholic drinks around us…*Shiok* hehe Really a Happy Hour Time in St James Dragonfly! ^^

Picture with William, Lionel and Zi Yuan

Lets cheer to the max!

Oh yeah! Still remember i tweet about: ‘omy star blogger drunk!’ haha Yes!! Yongwei and his friend, Fizzy, caught into drunk states after drinking few cup of vodka… *They were so high*

We 3 were awake all along

Some other performance on stage

Quite a memorable night for us bloggers to gather, have foods, drinks and listen to nice music. Thanks for the invitation once again! We did enjoy throughout the whole happy hour time! After all, i call it a day.

Tats all for today!
Thanks for your reading and viewing!
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