Guinness St. Patrick’s Day: The Friendliest Day of The Year Concert 2012


Guinness Live Finale the Friendliest Day Concert rock on stage with over hundreds of people on the St. Patrick’s Day itself! Everyone had gathered down with the friends to St. James Dragonfly and witnesses the Guinness Live Finale Ceremony and Celebration.

Time passed fast! I had enjoyed doing the coverage for Guinness Live event for the past 4 month, met new friends throughout the Guinness live journey and more to go! Yesterday, 17th March 2012, Saturday, it was an exciting evening whereby group friends of mine had gathered down at the St.James Dragonfly to see the performances rock on stage again!

As my twitter mention: “Today i felt like attending Guinness live 毕业典礼庆功宴!”, Yes it really feel like a graduation ceremony for people who participate in the Guinness Live event for the past 4 month! Glad to see many familiar faces again and here is time for photo taking with friends on the St. Partrick’s Day!!!

Picture with Jason! Host of the night!

Picture with Steven! Thanks for the invites and Guinness Beer!

Picture with Terence, who been helping me for the past few month!

Valentine and Linda was there too!

Picture with ShuHui! For those who don’t know, she is a blogger too!

Camwhore picture with usual clique!
Terence, Jessie and Shu Qing! William not here!!

Picture with Mei Ting! Her cousin is my current classmate! lol

Yay! Finally i camwhore with the usual Guinness Live
Girls after 4 month! LOL! Danielle, Shu Hui and Karen!

The winning team of Guinness Live this year!
Alfred, Willis and Howie! We are rock band! LOL!!

Jason always has his way of entertaining people on stage, great host of the night on Guinness Live Finale Concert. The Finale Concert started off with the 12 Guinness Live contestants, singing one of their past best songs individually, followed by special guest of the night, Liu Li Yang (劉力揚) and Power Station (動力火車).

It was a friendship day celebration among everyone who treasures their friends around. Just simply drinking a glass of Guinness Beer and listening to the hard rock music on stage, keeping everyone a memorable moment in their life. St. Patrick’s Day make everyone a great fruitful day!

12 contestants start to heat up the
Guinness Live Finale Concert atmosphere!

Time for Special Guest performance! Chinese Pop Star Liu Li Yang (劉力揚) had come down to Singapore for her music showcase and at the same time dropping by Guinness Live Concert to heat up the Finale stage together with Power Station (動力火車).

The crowds of Liu Li Yang (劉力揚) fans had also join in the party, everyone were screaming and cheering for their favourite singer Liu Li Yang on stage!

Liu Li Yang (劉力揚)

Last but not least, the most wonder Taiwanese rocker boy band – Power Station (動力火車) has showcase their most powerful hard rock music on stage! *Scream* and puts your hands up! Enjoy the video below too! ^^ Love listening to rock music in live!

Power Station (動力火車)

Winning Team Firefly performing with Power Station (動力火車)

The End of Guinness Live The Friendliest Day Finale Concert

That’s all for today! Glad and thanks to many many friends and readers who been catching up Guinness Live post on my blog for the past few month! Hope you guys have enjoyed reading and visiting the post. After all, I also hope that you have a great time celebration of St. Patrick’s Day weekend! *Smiles*