Guinness Singapore Launches Red Tongued Dog Limited Edition Series


Good news here for all fans of Ang Ji Gao (Guinness)! Guinness Singapore officially launches the limited edition Guinness Foreign Extra Stout series, featuring artwork by local illustrator Ben Qwek on its quart bottles and cans. Yes! Now you get the real Ang Ji Gao design on your Guinness Beer making you a real Singapore Singaporean.

For your info, previously it looks like this!

The design of the Guinness limited edition series portray the Singapore cultural landscape with an authentic Singaporean life, featuring images such as the red plastic chairs found at eateries everywhere, the modest but highly functional Kopi Packet, high-rise HDB blocks that are home to many, our national flower Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ and even tasty treats like the Kueh Tu Tu.

Singapore culture, Singaporean style!

Photos taken at the Guinness Red Tongued Dog Limited Edition Series Launch

Guinness Singapore Limited Edition Promotions
In line with the Limited Edition launch, Guinness will be offering prizes including up to $60,000 worth of home furnishing vouchers to customers who purchase Limited Edition bottles or cans.

From now till end May, three lucky customers who purchase a 6-pack of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout Limited Edition cans, will stand to win $10,000 worth of home furnishing vouchers each. Simply be one of the three to find the word ‘DOG’ under the tab to win.

In addition, customers who purchase a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout 640ml quart bottle at coffee shops island-wide can instantly win a projector pen when they collect any three bottle caps marked with the ‘Yum Seng’, Red chair, Kopi bag, Kueh Tu Tu, ‘Shiok’, or Guinness harp icons.

Three lucky winners will also stand to win $10,000 worth of home furnishing vouchers each when they find a unique Red Tongued Dog icon under their crown cap.

The Guinness Foreign Extra Stout limited edition series of cans and bottles will be on sale from now till June, whilst stocks last.