Good Friday Atmosphere


Hi Readers! Welcome back to my blog! Woohoo… It’s Good Friday, a public holiday and long weekend in Singapore. How you people spend your today? Well, for me it’s just a normal catch up with my good friend, Danial to Town for shopping and shopping!

Long weekend for this week started with cloudy Friday. A day where I want to come out and have a walk, seeing the things I wanted to buy and having a meal with friends. A casual life I had today walking along the orchard road, seeing happening events around the town area and lastly I felt the Good Friday atmosphere.

Yes! My title “Good Friday Atmosphere”, the idea came from Danial whereby we was at Bugis walking all way down to town, passed by plaza Sing, Somerset and to Orchard Road. A 30minutes walk with lots of funny conversation and we also saw many people crowds around the town area too. It wasn’t a bad atmosphere after all as we randomly had fun walking among the crowds. Hahaha

Oh yeah! I brought my new camera – Casio Exilim EX-ZR 20 along to snap a few shot while we were shopping in town. This was my first time using Casio camera and was amaze by its quick snap as well as the built-in wonderful effect. However, I still need to spend more time to explore other functionality in this camera too. Stay tune and have a great weekend everyone! *Smiles*