Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Genie Japanese version


Yes! i got information from my friend, Faris, saying that Girls’ Generation (SNSD) is releasing their Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) in Japanese version soon. My friend was the first hand telling me all this and guess what? Even the allkpop used his uploaded video! Not only tat, facebook and twitter user also using my friend video…haha freaking cool!

If you are SNSD fans, i guess you cant wait for their full version of Genie Japanese version to be release! Its alright, below here the is full version of Genie video, do check it out now! haha…

The 9 ladies of SNSD have a busy schedule in the coming days, starting off fresh with 3 different showcases in one day, and that in itself is crazy! However, fans have also been anxiously awaiting news on their Japanese music….[Read More]

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