Author’s Giddens (九把刀) Book Sharing Talks and Autograph Session


Today, it was a great sunny and relaxing Saturday. People meet up and chill off during this weekend, surrounded places in Singapore was crowded by full of passing people. However my days still pass as usual, cooling off from my study day and having a mini gathering today.

I dropped off my few events, met up with group of friends in the Morning for some Dim Sum at The Eastern Restaurant and followed by visited the 20th World Orchid Conference as well as the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay in the Afternoon.

In the evening, here came the madness of meeting with my favourite novel writer’s Giddens (九把刀) at the Suntec Convention Hall – Popular Book Fest. His latest story movie – 那些年 (AppleofMyEye) has been trending in Asia worldwide and people were impress by his hardwork in develop a story into a movie

During Giddens Ko’s Life Story sharing session, he mentioned about his past and experience of being a normal childish guy who hoping for hope and stepping out of his inexperience idea. In life we fight for dream we want and we tell ourselves one day we going to make it happen.

To summarize everything I seen today, I can say that writer’s Giddens talks was very convincing to the audience in pointing out about the important in life and it as influence the young people in believing.

Giddens had an interesting in life regarding his past and present, I believe that he will be a great and well-known man in future throughout not only Taiwan local or Asia but international. Last but not least, I got the on hand autograph from writer’s Giddens!! Woohoo *Happy Smile*