Get Your Sexy Back: I’m Staying Sexy!


Youth is the most happening period in life. Have you ever wonder what makes you over consuming of alcoholic drink? Feeling low, having some short term of depression or feel stress about your relationship? In life, we use intend to use drink to solve the personal problem but mass drinking is not the right way. Drinking may solve it but it is not the cool way.

This Month of September 2011, “Get Your Sexy Back” (GYSB) has launched their new campaign of “I’m Staying Sexy!” The main purposes want to tell the youth drinker, drink to your own limit. You may consume huge cup of alcoholic drinks at one shot but to be advice, take it easy. Drink it slowly and prevent yourself from getting drunk on street.

Tips to prevent getting drunk easily:
1. Control your alcoholic drink to a certain limit.
2. Try to have some plain or hot water In-between of drinking alcoholic.
3. Always tag along with foods while you are having alcoholic drinks.

Well, with this, I hope you guys know the right way of drinking. Stay cool and sexy even though you are on the sober moment and beware of that, if you drink, do not drive! Likewise, if you are interested to know more about the GYXB – “I’m Staying Sexy!”, feel free to visit, accept the Ultimate Night Out challenge and win some prize from there!

That’s all for today, smiles and have a nice weekend to everyone here. Above picture thanks to Justin for contributing to this blog post. Remember, drink as much as you can but not as fast as you can!