How to Get Traditional Mooncake during Mooncake Festival in Singapore

Traditional Mooncakes

Mooncake Festival is just around the corner and it’s time to plan about how to celebrate the festivities. Without a doubt, mooncakes are the major highlight of this festival. From the traditional mooncakes filled with egg yolk and lotus seed paste to modern snowskin versions filled with fruits, chocolates, nuts, and more, there are several varieties found in the market today. When it comes to where to buy mooncake in Singapore, you can find that delectable dessert at your local cake shops as well as online bakeries. But, before you splurge your precious dollars on the festive mooncakes, make sure to keep the following things in minds:

1) Know what you’re about to buy: If you are new in Asia, then you might not be well aware of what mooncakes are. A traditional mooncake is a round/square palm-sized pastry filled with salted egg yolks and sweet lotus seed paste. It is consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival as it symbolizes family harmony, unity, longevity, and good health. Traditional mooncakes are best enjoyed with Chinese tea.

2) Buy from a reputed shop: Look for a recognized local bakery or cake shop to get your mooncakes. Many bakeries that offer online services. The advantages of shopping online are easy access to all products and their prices, hassle-free delivery and discounts. Best is to get your favorite mooncakes from at affordable prices.

3) Choose between traditional and modern cakes: You can settle for traditional mooncakes with two salted egg yolks and lotus seed paste filling. Or you can pick cases with fillings of red bean paste or nuts. However, one can also look out for modern variations that come with everything from chocolate and ice cream to fruits and green tea paste. If you are gifting your in-laws, go for the traditional one. If you want to send your greetings to friends and colleagues, choose something from the modern variety.

4) Consider the price: The price of mooncakes depends on the ingredients used and the quantity involved. You can stick to products that fall within your budget. Get your hands on White Lotus Double Yolk Mooncake. Symbol of harmony and union, this cake is extremely delicious and quite affordable.

5) Look for Discounts – Many bakeries and cake shops organize special sales during the mid-autumn season. Look for the ones that offer subtle discounts. There are many online bakeries in Singapore like that don’t forget to please with their amazing sales.

How to Eat a Mooncake

When it comes to eating a mooncake, the most traditional way to eat it by slicing it into eight pieces (as 8 is a lucky number in Chinese/ Asian culture) and share it with dear ones. Complement your cake with a hot, strong cup of Chinese tea.

Where to Find Mooncakes

In Asian counties, bakeries, restaurants and cake shops offer beautiful and customized mooncake boxes for pre-order before the Mooncake Festival. You can get your cakes from a local shop/restaurant or order them online. If you reside in Singapore, get them from

What to Gift Whom!

Keep the recipients in mind before buying a specific mooncake. For elders, you should stick to a traditional mooncake. For kids and youngsters, snowy mooncakes with fillings of fruits, cookies or chocolate would be a perfect idea. Also, traditional cakes are great for those who like classic favorites. If you want to gift something to your bosses, go for a green tea mooncake. It is the best mooncake in Singapore and a choice for many health-conscious people.