Gastromania Feast at Far East Square


Woohoo!!! Something new I want to share here! You guys might be wondering how I spend my Saturday weekend. Yup! I attended the Gastromania Feast Final Challenge organized by and this eating challenge was a task for us to eat from one place to another. It’s just like a train moving from one station to another station. Thus, we were given a time of 4 hours to complete 9 different dishes.

Gastromania Feast happened at Far East Square located at 45 Pekin Street, Raffles place. This was my first time visiting Far East Square and I was amazed by their elegant and unique display decoration around the places. Besides that, it also has its heritage conservation project with a vibrant mix of restaurants, cafes, and pubs, as well as shops, pushcarts and kiosks.

Gastromania Feast at Far East Square and Bloggers has to complete their task within 4 hours “See you guys Thin, Skinny, Slim, I think you guys should put on your diet”… Without further do, let the feast begin!

*Train is moving, Human is coming, I am eating* First stop of Gastromania Feast, the restaurant we visited at Zhou’s kitchen! It contain a casual Chinese dining concept, catering to the palates and pockets of diners from all walks of life.

Zhou’s Kitchen Menu

Bloggers in action! Taking photo of the foods!

Within this station, I got a chance to try out their delicious Pork shank (猪脚) together with their crispy golden fried buns (馒头) and soften steam buns.

Pork shank (猪脚)

Golden Fried Buns (馒头)

First group picture taken at Zhou’s Kitchen

Next stop let me bring you to CHINA! Opps… I mean a restaurant look exactly like China Restaurant! Yes! It’s SPRING JuChunYuan (聚春园) Restaurant. The overall golden emperor elegant design of this restaurant gives you a traditional Chinese standard style of dining place.

It has its history since the year of 1865 and their famous dish was “Buddha Jumps over the Wall”! I was mad excited when my first step into this restaurant because this was my first time eating “Buddha Jumps over the Wall”!! Once in a life time, I finally ate it!!!

I like the sweet fragment came out from the “Buddha Jumps over the wall” soup and with a drink of Kung Fu Tea (Fragrant Soup), it my throat very cooling and refreshing.

Well, other than consuming their yummy “Buddha Jumps over the Wall”, we also ate the Stir-fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon. The Bee Hoon has its very thin looks like thread and is eaten with a sweet and tangy sauce.

Not to forget to mention their kind and friendly manager by allowing us to visit their VIP dining room. I “WOW” in the first place because it took totally like a house. It was very suitable for family dining and giving you a feeling of family reunion. *Awesomeness*

Group Photo on my table side and proceed on to next restaurant!

Third stop bringing you to… Garuda Padang Cuisine! Garuda, established in 1976, is the most successful and one of the largest Padang Cuisine restaurant chains in Indonesia.

So what Indonesia food we ate here? Yup! It was “Fried chicken with blue ginger floss”! Fried Chicken has its crispy deep fried skin texture yet the meat was tender for you to chew and swallow in mouth. Mixing with the blue ginger floss, it enhanced the overall outlook and taste of the dishes.

Bloggers, say cheese!

The Fourth stop we having was Japanese Cuisine at Shin Kushiya. *Japanese food lover will love this dining* Shin Kushiya was established in October 2006 to introduce the Kushiyaki dining concept. ‘Kushiyaki’ is the Japanese term for ‘Charcoal-grilled skewers’.

Master Chef making Kushiyaki dish

Picture with Joanne

The foods have been served to us was Kushiyaki which consists of 4 tasty sticks: ‘Ebi Shiso Maki, Buta Bara Yaki Miso, Black pepper yakitori and tomato Maki’. Drink of the day was Yuzu cooler, taste very refreshing and cooling and lastly we had our dessert, Kuro Goma Heaven – a form of black sesami ice cream.

Kuro Goma Heaven

As we moved along the street, next stop going to introduce you guys Mont Calzone pizza & pasta Italian cuisine! Popular dishes include Fried Calamari, Polpa di Granchio (crab meat pasta) and Rucola Mozzarella Pizza. Be sure to leave room for their homemade tiramisu, a scrumptious Italian dessert not to be missed. All pizza selections can be made into calzone.

At the same time, we had our Black Truffle pizza, Rustica pizza, Smoked salmon pizza, sambal marinara pasta, Parma Ham with Rucola pasta and Carbonara dishes at the Italian cuisine!

Still not full? The 6th foods station… Let’s continue to try out some India spicy food at Mirchi! Woot! A fine dining Indian cuisine with its nice interior outlook and lighting of the atmosphere was proper setup to allow customer to have their delightful meal.

Let’s smile at the camera before eating up the food

We were served with a plate of ‘Tandoori platter’ which consists of chicken tikka, seekh kebab and prawns spiced with tandoori masala. Likewise, a cup of lassitude made of yogurt which to help neutralize your tongue from the spiciness foods you have eaten.

7th Station! Here came our last main course dishes at Hock Lam Beef. Hock Lam Beef has been serving the highest quality Teochew beef kway teow in Singapore. The business spans over 98 years, across 4 generations of the Tan family, and is run today by the original founder’s great-grandchild.

Thus, I had also interviewed some of my friends who visited Hock Lam Beef and they told me that, the beef kway teow with soup taste yummylicious! It’s a recommendation for all the beef lover and beef consumer.

It’s 3 advantage of the original recipe, homemade 24 – hour boiled gourmet soup, homemade gourmet chilli sauce and hand prepared beef cuts without tenderizer makes this a dish of the highest quality and a true Singaporean heritage dish.

Group picture on my table side together with Jessie, William, Angie, Zoe, Joanne, Kevin, and Rui ting at Hock Lam Beef!

Now… last station of our Gastromania Feast, introduce to you guys a very cute and soft mini cupcakes at Oni Cupcakes shop.

Lovely Mini Cupcakes

This boutique cupcake bakery uses only the finest quality ingredients, their top-selling cupcakes include Chocolate Lover (Valrhona dark chocolate), Mango Tango (Valrhona chocolate cake with Mango butter cream), along with specialty cupcakes like Healthy Bunny (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting) and The King (Mao Shan Wang durian). With a wide range of flavours, designs and sizes, their custom-made cupcakes will delight both adults and kids.

Well, unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to try out the Royal Queens Bubble tea at Queen’s HK Bubble Tea Café but overall I had enjoyed the whole Gastromania Feast Challenge together with the rest of the bloggers. Eating wonderful foods for 4 hours and getting to know much knowledge about the foods and history of the restaurant.

Last but not least, Far East Square was a nice historical place to hunt down much awesomeness delicious yummy foods! There were many restaurants in Singapore but if you are the one who like to try out all the taste from different race culture, you should start your journey from Far East Square! Hahaha Gastromania Feast Success!