G Suite Admin Console central management: The differences between Gmail and G Suite

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There is a multitude of different technology products at many places to keep everything running smoothly behind the curtains and for improving the productivity of the team. One product that one should not go living without is definitely G Suite, which is very different from Gmail. G Suite is by far the best emailing system and solution on the market right now for the business you have right now. Also to mention the other features that it comes with, such as Google Drive storage ways and also tools such as Google Docs and Google Sheets.

G Suite

What is G Suite?

G Suite is Google’s room of all the intelligent apps. This was previously known as Google Apps, till it had been rebranded in late 2016. Every G Suite partners in Malaysia agents recommend G Suite for clients who are in need of email hosting for their business currently. However, G Suite is ideally more than just emailing. It will also have a variety of apps and features that can come in a lot of uses. In fact, many people are probably already using or are familiar with a lot of them. Google Meet and hangouts meet can also be accessed easily.

Choose G Suite over Gmail

G Suite is much better than Gmail as it allows the business employees to have their own Gmail accounts with the email addresses of the business domain name (example: rick@yourbusiness.com/in). Any small business owner with one or two users might be able to also get through with free Gmail accounts and some different but very easy rules. But once you start hiring more employees, you will find yourself in the need of accounts that can be managed separately and efficiently.

Features that come automatically with G Suite
Google Drive

Google Drive basically allows you to store, access, and share the files in one particular platform. You then have to have simple access to them from any device. G Suite Basic plans come with 30 GB of storage plan for every employee.

Google Docs and Google Sheets

Google Docs and Google Sheets talk for themselves and are efficient tools that are used every single day. These allow anyone to create and edit documents and spreadsheets just in the browser. Importing documents for making them instantly exclusive, including Word, Excel, and PDF files.

Google Forms and Google Slides

Everyone on the internet at one point has probably all filled out a Google Form for something or the other. While it is preferable to use other applications for this, preferably, Google Forms can be a very quick and simple way to get information.

If you want a good alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, then Google Slides is just what you need for yourself. The great G Suite providers in Singapore also makes these easier to get and use for regular usages.

Here are just a few of the common tasks that these are used for by everyone:

• Getting any feedback and any comment from other team members on new website content.
• Working with any good guest bloggers on content for the blog for networking.
• Sending content to other people when writing on different sites. Nobody has ever had anyone in the past couple years request a Word document, as everyone always requests a Google Doc as it is just super simple and easy to use.
• Crunching spreadsheet data from any other exports or files.