Fun Ways You’re Getting A Workout Without Knowing It

fun way of workout

Fun way of workout

While it would be a great thing if all of us could lift weights, do HIITs 6 days a week and get super ripped and strong, the simple truth is most of us have neither time nor desire to actually go to the gym. Add the fact that there are still some fitness centers that have not opened yet, no thanks to Covid-19.

So, are you looking for ways that you can get your daily exercise without having to go to the gym? If you answer yes, you’re in luck. We have listed fun ways that you are getting a workout, without actually “working out”.

Cleaning your house

Yep – cleaning your house IS actually a form of exercise. And yes – it CAN be a fun activity. Sure you may not be in a gym lifting weights or running several kilometers on a treadmill but cleaning your home requires you to move a lot and that burns calories.

In fact, house cleaning is a form of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – meaning it is an activity (apart from sleeping, exercise and eating) that allows your body to use energy and burn calories. Think of it as the moderate exercise that doctors and fitness experts actually recommend that you do every day.

Mowing the lawn, cleaning the car, doing laundry, changing the sheets and curtains, vacuuming the carpets – are all examples of moderate workouts that help boost your overall fitness and health. Oh, and having a squeaky clean house is a bonus, too.

Playing with your kids

Since everyone is encouraged to stay at home these days – this means you have a lot of time to spend with your kids. And you may not realize it but playing tag with your kids, roughhousing, or giving them piggy back rides around the living room is actually a great form of workout.

Carrying your kids, running around the house after them – all of these activities require a lot of energy. This means you get to burn more calories and help keep you fit while bonding with your kids.


Whether you are into hip hop or some serious swing, dancing is a great way to work a sweat and burn calories. Not only does dancing help you manage fitness and help reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases, but dancing also does your emotional and mental health a lot of good.

Also, dancing is a fun way to bond with your family while working up a sweat. Think impromptu dance parties with your kids. You can even add to those calories you can burn by decorating your living room or backyard to get everyone pumped and dancing in no time. Or if you have a dance video game – organize a dance competition with the kids.

Putting together furniture

Oh yes – that dresser you got from Ikea before the stay-at-home order? Yeah, assembling it actually gives you a good workout. You pick up different parts and hold it in place while squatting. You bend down to pick up screws.

And it is not just putting together furniture, you can also burn calories by taking on DIY projects around the house. For example, building a treehouse for your kids or mending fences require a lot of bending and squatting – you are unknowingly doing some serious isometric exercises there, my friend.

Pacing while you are on your phone

As many of us are currently working from home, why not get some exercise during your conference calls or video calls by pacing or walking around your home office while you are on your phone?

We all know that walking helps a lot in keeping you fit and healthy and if you have this habit of pacing or walking around while talking on the phone, well you are giving your legs, lungs and heart a good workout.

Or if you are going on a phone interview – stand up. It makes you more alert and ready to answer questions, you also burn more calories that way. Another way is to use a standing desk so you can alternate between sitting down and standing up while you work.

Self Massages

With all the dancing, putting together furniture and playing with your kids – you’re likely to feel achy and sore. And yes – the best way to fight off muscle soreness is by getting a well-deserved massage. Since most spas aren’t open yet and well – it’s not completely safe to get a professional massage yet, you can go all DIY using a massage gun. Good news is: you’re actually giving yourself a mini-workout while you’re at it.

There are many percussion massage gun benefits: immediate relief from muscle soreness and improved blood circulation. Apart from that, these devices “wake up” muscles so they’re stretched and toned. Also, getting a good massage helps improve your mood and mental health, and in these times that is as important as staying physically fit.


While we may start with good intentions – go to the gym and workout four or five days a week – not everyone of us has the discipline to stick to it. Either we don’t have enough spare time or get lazy after a few weeks. Plus let’s not forget that many of us are pretty much stuck at home lately.

The best thing to do in this situation? Find activities that will require a lot of energy and can help you get a good workout, but don’t feel like a chore. So play capture the flag with your kids or clean out that garage and get that gardening project started. There are more ways to work out than purely exercising.