Fright Fest at Singapore Flyer 2011


Its Halloween week! What this your plan for this coming weekend? Are you going to be scare or scaring your friends? Hahaha… Last Thursday, I got invited to the Media preview of Singapore Flyer FrightFest by URA and Singapore Flyer and guess what creepy moment happened?

Every year I attended Halloween events at different places and this year I entered into a Supernatural world. Singapore Flyer Halloween celebration – The Fright Fest 2011 had come out with its theme of Asia Eastern Halloween “decoration” and it gives you a creepy look of “Hell” experience.

Likewise, with your $25 of Singapore Flyer Fright Fest tickets purchased, you will be able to enter the Fright Fest Rainforest Discovery, follow by ended with 1 glass of special Halloween Brew.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell you what’s going to happen inside the Singapore Flyer Rainforest Discovery! Hahaha… Because, is best for you to experience the creepy environmental yourself! Hints here; there are Chinese tombstones, Japanese graveyards, and Hantu mansion.

My experience on walking through the dark horror creepy path of Singapore Flyer Rainforest was that, once you enter the hell “gate”, there no way for you to turn back. Every puzzling mission led you to the next level of fear. I guess those unnerving ghouls and ghosts will be saying this “We are waiting to see your horrifying expression.”

We were not the last group to enter this creepy place but the last group to come out of this place! Hmm… Something happen in between? Make a guess! Haha… why got 1 extra people standing in this picture below? Human or Ghost or Soul?

Are you ready…? Check out the slideshow video below here for more photos gallery of Fright Fest 2011 at Singapore Flyer.

Next, let me bring you up to the Singapore Flyer! It was a great chilling out moment with group of friends at the top of Singapore Flyer, seeing and exploring the beautiful night scenery of Singapore and having a short session of photoshoot with them.

Lastly, I enjoyed my Halloween event – FrightFest at Singapore Flyer this year and do visit if you are free this weekend too! *Have fun with creepy smile* Feel free to visit the official Fright Fest Singapore Flyer website to know more information about the FrightFest promotion and ticketing prices: [Singapore FrightFest 2011]