Foodlicious Moments Episode 2 – Sarang


Foodlicious Moments Episode 2:
Hi readers! Welcome back to my weekly Foodlicious Moments! Are you the one who like Korean style or any kpop fans? If Yes, i guess it’s good because today in episode 2, i will be introducing Korean cuisine! [Foodlicious Moments Episode 2] guest for today is my good friend Joanna! ^^

annyeonhaseyo! Welcome to Sarang restaurant located at Orchard Central Level 7. It is a place fill with full of Korean style which set in trendy Seoul fashion and also to show the popular of Seoul urban culture in Singapore.

Introduction about Sarang:
Sarang, or Love in Korean, delivers an authentic gastronomical experience that is enhanced with current, mainstream Korean pop music and Urban Culture in a vibrant setting. Sitting on the 7th floor of Orchard Central, the view of Singapore’s downtown cityscape completes a memorable dining experience.

Korea culture with a ‘Gong’ sound represent ‘welcome’. Likewise, when someone enter in the “sarang door” the stuff will hit the gong to welcome you. *isn’t it interesting?* haha

Below this picture show the Sarang outdoor bar area. Yes! This restaurant not only have indoor and outdoor dining but it also include an outdoor bar for people to order their drinks there. In addition, its also include ‘show kitchen’ to allow people to see how they cook their foods on the roots.

Well, for me i had chosen outdoor dining and this how it look like. Kinda cool environment at the roos mixing and playing it with Kpop music (Korean famous song) through their awesome loud speaker. One good thing to say about was that their service toward customer was great!

Sarang Menu with a cute text ‘have you eaten?’

Dessert section of the menu, look tempting!

Order list

‘Bori Cha’ – traditional of korean barley tea. Taste sweet and refreshing, its a good tea to start with before the main dish came.

Baekban – A steamed rice with 2 korean side dishes

Well, we ordered the 2 recommended main dish which was ‘Volcano’ and ‘Drunken Pork’ for our dinner. As the name ‘Volcano’ we knew that this foods is gonna be very spicy! First try, the spicy level was ok and as the more you eat, the more spicy it is! *shiok feeling at this moment* hahaha

The aroma of drunken pork was great and it taste delicious as the meat was smooth and tender when consuming it. Not much Fat on pork itself and taste not that oily. As you eating it, you will easily “drunk” (addicted) into their healthy pork dish!

Last but not least, dessert time!! Pappa pancakes in Korean we called as ‘Hotteok’, it came with 2 pieces of sweet cinnamon pancake. Like the peanut and some sweet sauce inside this pancake and my first bite to it was like crazy *scream*! Totally taste awesome! You guys must try!!

Are you into Korean cuisine now? haha… It was a great and unique experience dining at Sarang. The price of a person can cost up to around $25 ~ $30, although is a little expensive but with their good service and awesome Korean foods, it definitely worth the price and you will no regret after dining there. *smile*

181 Orchard Central #07-01
Orchard Central Singapore 298896

Sarang’s Opening Hours
12pm – 10pm on Sunday to Thursday
12pm – 11pm on Friday and Saturday

Here come to the end of my Foodlicious Moments Episode 2. Stay tune for my Episode 3, next Thursday same time at!

Tats all for today,
Have a great day ahead! 🙂