First week of IAP Internship


Every Morning, I travel a long distance from my place to office, I didn’t expect much, is just that hoping my day will goes smoothly as usual. Many of you including me will find that it’s sleepy to travel a long distance, yes I agree! But music and songs are the key things to keep my awake throughout the whole journey.

Time files fast! There are total of 12 week of IAP schedule and today the first week of IAP Internship has ended! It was a great and smooth week in my day job doing things related to my interests such as creating and editing flash animation and games as well as doing some poster editing on photoshop.

My day just passed fast enough due to my busy working schedule. My first day of work, I met my new friendly colleague and boss in my company, knowing the history about my company and got a quick brief from my supervisor. As days come by, I did quite a number of tasks in this week and at the same time, learnt abit of knowledge skill on adobe flash cs4.

It was a good learning opportunity held in my IAP. Sometime I do self learning on my own whenever I had free time by looking through the existing file which had created earlier on by others people. Sometime I draw when I am free, not on “Draw something apps” but on adobe illustrator. Lol…

During lunch time, I will try to find good foods around my office area. After working for 5 days and I am now starting to familiarize with the surrounding places. Hence, I am going to continue to hunt for delicious yummy food and share with you guys soon!

Well, I will try to keep my work as fun as possible, hope I can encounter the entire problem and solve it smoothly. Thus, I also hope that within this 12 week of IAP, I will learn something and more new thing so to implement in my future project and career.

Path is long and time will be good! There will be more things coming up next! Stay tune readers! Have a great weekend everyone here *Smiles*