Fantech Max Pro MK851 keyboard level up your PC gaming experience

Fantech Max Pro MK851

Due to the recent Covid19 pandemic, most of us have chosen to stay at home to keep ourselves as well as our family safe. Well, if you are a full-time PC gamer at home, I believed this situation shouldn’t affect you. In fact, this might be your best chance to browse through the internet and search for new games in 2020. Some recommendation PC games would be DOOM Eternal, Dying Light 2, Call of Duty Warzone and Resident Evil 3.

Fantech Max Pro MK851 keyboard

When it comes to PC gaming, my priority on the essential accessories always goes to wireless gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, high-quality speaker and gaming headset. Well, recently I got in touch with Fantech Singapore and I am glad that they have fulfilled my PC gaming experience. Introducing the Max Pro MK851, an excellent RGB Mechanical Switch keyboard comes with an ergonomic design and built-in 19 spectrum RGB illumination. Here are the fun facts and reasons why I love it so much:

Firstly, the Fantech Max Pro MK851 gaming keyboard contains 104 keys featuring a media control, a high-speed USB hub, water & dustproof and anti-ghosting. Interestingly, the favourite part is that it also provides a tactile and clicky feel, which is popular among gamers.

full Spectrum LED illuminate effect

Cool Colour Growing in the Dark

When I received the Max Pro MK851 keyboard, the first moment that excites me was the colour. I purposely set up in the dark environment to enjoy the full Spectrum LED illuminate effects. I would say that those lighting effects are comfortable for my eyes and it helps to spice up my gaming life.

Keyboard size is just right for my desk

Common questions asked during my trial period, is the gaming keyboard heavy or bulky? The answer is NO! The friendly Max Pro MK851 gaming keyboard comes with lightweight and the size is just right for my desk. It contains a media control button that easily for me to adjust my sound volume as well as other shortcut functionality. Furthermore, laptop keypad vs gaming keyboard, the key difference was the tactile and clicky feel which most laptops didn’t provide.

Anti-Ghosting Max Pro MK851 keyboard

104 Keys Anti-Ghosting

Some of you may be asking what is Anti-Ghosting? Well, it means you can press several keys at the same time and all are register simultaneously. This function is important and the technology specially designs for gamers because sometimes they need multiple keys to trigger certain gaming actions.

Gaming with Fantech keyboard


In addition, I was able to personalise my keyboard buttons via using the Max MK851 Software; available down from

Affordable price

The Max Pro MK851 keyboard is pricing at $125 and is available on their online eStore on Lazada. Once you have made a purchase, it will take about 3 to 5 days for the product to deliver at your doorstep. Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty and is 100% authentic. Gamers who are looking to upgrade their PCs can also check out Fantech eStore on Lazada offering a range of exclusive gaming gears.

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