Fall into the Darkness Nightmares at Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studio Singapore


The annual deadly festive at Resorts World Sentosa is back! Halloween Horror Nights 6 (HHN6) returns Universal Studio Singapore (USS) this year with new-series of 5 terrifying haunted houses and 2 scare zones from Singapore-inspired haunting to western horrors.

From HHN1 to HHN5, this year marked my 6th Halloween Horror Nights with my awesome friends at USS. Hence, Halloween Horror Nights 6 brings me into a spectacular darkness nightmares at Universal Studio Singapore whereby my friends and I experiencing a dream walk at the Old Changi Hospital to visiting a terror Hawker Centre, followed by soul’s procession at the Hu Li’s Inn, Salem Witch House and Bodies of Work. Well, the 5 haunted houses are ready to lead you and your friends to 5 amazing darkness-frightening experience in this Halloween seasons.

Let’s get ready to enter the nightmares!


Hu Li’s Inn (狐姬客栈)
Delve into an Old Shanghai Hu Li’s Inn ambiances, where indulgence reigns the night. As man falls for the mystical charms of these mistresses, their beauty fades away to unveil the true evil within.

Old Changi Hospital (旧樟宜阴魂)
Old Changi Hospital, one the most haunted places in Singapore will be on set featured at the HHN6 at USS this year. Visitors who dare enter will chance upon vengeful ghosts from Singapore’s bloodiest history – from patients who do not know they are dead to the Pontianak, a female Malay vampire who wanders the hallways.

Bodies of Work (血尸秘展)
Artist Damien Shipman will take fans on a heinous trip down memory lane as he unveils his controversial exhibition titled Bodies of Work. Displayed in a macabre fashion, his twisted memories are played out in this horrific homage to his family who perished tragically in a fire.


Salem Witch House (塞勒姆女巫之家)
Evil lurks in the air, for the wicked ones stir within Maison Deux-Six. As the scorn of Defeo Witches makes the living pay in blood and soul.


Hawker Centre Massacre (小贩中心食人宴)
Mayhem breaks loose at the Hawker Centre Massacre where a meal turns into a banquet of horror as victims of radioactive food poisoning transform into savage, flesh-eating creatures.

March of the Dead (死神降世祭典)
Shiver your soul at HHN6! Aside the 5 haunted houses, local and international visitors may also witness the fire-ever carnival procession in a zone lined with deadly descendants, exhumed coffins and larger-than-life skeletons, all led by the ominous Lady Death. The procession culminates in an action-packed live show that celebrates the deceased in the haunting March of the Dead.

My verdict:

I had a wonderfully terrifying experience at the Halloween Horror Nights 6 at Universal Studio Singapore this year. The scare crew were professionals and the environment was well decorated. I enjoyed walking through the spooky haunted houses, especially the Hawker Centre Massacre. It was particularly unpredictable and was full of unexpected surprises. I am sure you and your friends will have a good time scaring yourselves. Overall, I rate HHN6 7.5/10 stars.

The Halloween Horror Nights 6 will be held at the Universal Studio Singapore, Resort World Sentosa from 30 September to 31 October 2016 and the standard tickets are selling at S$65 and S$69. Please click here for more information about the HHN6 tickets pricing and event activities.