Exclusive Media: Singapore International Jewellery Show 2011


Last Wednesday, I attended the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2011 grand opening launch at Marina Bay Sand Singapore Convention Centre Hall. This year, Singapore International Jewellery Show 2011 has the largest jewelery show with more than US$100 million in exhibits by 180 exhibitors from 25 countries.

SIJS 2011 Grand opening started off with speech given by the guest of honor and at the same time presenting the Jewellery design award to the winners this year. Lastly, show followed up by the official grand opening ceremony and Jewellery Fashion Show.

Jewellery Fashion show on stage

It was a great eyes-opening exhibition as this was my first time visiting SIJS. More than thousand of different uniquely and exclusive jewellery design are shown in this exhibition and few of the design actually caught my eyes-attention.

In SIJS this year, it also present the works of Thomas Diego Armonia, an ltalian artist based in Paris who has grown in prominence in recent years for his distinctive style. The bejeweled horse in the world was created by Roberto Spagnolo where by the bejeweled horse was made up of 518,300 carats of the various gemstones including black diamond’s on the horse eyes.

Picture with Roberto Spagnolo and his son

Next, DeGem was one of the featured in this exhibition show. It showcases the exclusive rarest Spinels gemstone in the world where the 46-caract stone for a pendant and a 25-carat pair of earrings which cost up to $5 million. However, this heart carats diamond ring caught eyes too!!!

Spinels gemstone which cost $5 Million

Heart-shaped carat diamond ring

Likewise, our local brand like On Cheong, Tianpo and Lee Hwa also been featured in this international Jewellery exhibition. They have specially created collections based on this theme for the show – The Elements of Mother Earth. Well, let’s check out some of our local jewellery design below here!

A full set of this from On Cheong cost up to $60k

JOON Courtenay was also one of the featured in this jewellery show. Snow Leopard bangle bracelet in 19k white gold with black and white diamonds and eyes of green garnet! This was awesome cool bracelet I ever see!

This was what i called unique! Guess what is this below? lol… It was a 4GB usable thumb-drive!! Omg… I was shock at the moment when I heard from the shop owner and I can see that as technology has improve, many creative designer could use the word of “combination” to create something which never exist before.

If you have followed my twitter, you guys will know that I did tweet about the Jewellery which cost at $2 per piece. Here it is! Hahaha I was surprised that in this exhibition, they not only showcase the expensive shining jewellery but it also show some of the stylist and trendy jewellery which are affordable for everyone else there.

Love this! Simple and Nice

Lastly, I want to thanks to IMSG for the exclusive media invites, had a great time visiting SIJS this year and very glad to know many new knowledge from the exhibition. For this, I conclude myself by calling a day. Have a nice weekday ahead everyone! *Smiles*


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