evian Live Young Campaign at Orchard Road


Singapore, 2nd April 2012 – Evian new launched “Live Young” campaign at the heart of Orchard Road. The pink physical store is designed to provide visitors a ‘Live Young’ experience and serves as the hub of a new game that evian is getting consumers to play to recognise the importance of drinking more water everyday.

evian® has developed a limited-edition series of bottles each labelled with a day of the week, in place of the evian® logo found on the standard bottles. These mystery bottles have been carefully labelled and randomly placed in island-wide retail stores where evian® is available.

From 2 April to 22 April 2012, consumers are invited to join in the evian®-a-day game – a hunt for these special edition days-of-the-week evian® bottles in any store around the island where they would usually be able to purchase evian® mineral water.