Every Picture Tell a Story


Every Picture Tell a Story

Hello People! Finally here my time for updating this blog…haha…Recently really super busy till dunno now it coming toward the end of April 2010. Started my school since 4 days ago, met my cheerful classmate and lastly, brought a new Fujitsu notebook.

Things behind is always blur…Looking forward to another extend is your best choice from now…This what i can say when during busy period…You got so many things to do but in the end dunno start from where…end from where…Not stress but is just undecidable situation.

Seriously, if you guys have followed my twitter, you guys will realized that i kept saying time past very fast…and yeah it is! How fast it can be? Just a little water drop out from a bottle to your own cup…Time Line is in your hand, Learn to Treasure it!

Today my 4th day of school, lesson for this week is kinda slack…Basically just introducing the modules that we were going to learn in few weeks time. Some of the modules i had learned before, some have not…But overall, still easy to me…haha…Saw the picture above? this the place i slacked during my lunch break with my classmate…lols

Lastly, Good news! My Blog New Layout most probably will be out this Saturday! Stay Tune! Full reveal of hpility, profile and description will be out too! haha