Essential New Tech for the Productivity Obsessed Worker

Essential New Tech

Singapore’s work rate is improving, with latest figures showing a 4.3% growth in productivity. This might seem surprising in a world where social media notifications, off-topic group chat messages and cat videos have all taken the blame for creating a distracting and unproductive environment. However, technology has the potential to speed up work rates and send your productivity sky high. Purchase the tech listed below and transform your home office so that you can get on with getting stuff done.

VR Headset

VR Headset Training

Each year, Singapore businesses spend over $400 per employee on training, but research from McKinsey and Co found that only 25% of training programmes actually improve employee performance. If you are sick of wasting time travelling to and from largely pointless learning seminars, then virtual reality could be a game changer. Just as the introduction of the home printer first reduced the need to travel to the office, VR could offer yet another reason to stay at home.

You’ll soon be able use a virtual reality headset for many work commitments that previously required your personal presence. This could save significant hours spent travelling and will allow you to fit meetings and training around your schedule. This is just one-way tech is helping to provide the flexibility that allows you to be your most productive.

Automated Coffee Machines

Automated Coffee Machines

89% of employees admit to wasting at least some of their work day, with an average of 15 minutes being spent making coffee. In 2018, this is hardly necessary. Automated coffee machines are now sophisticated enough that a single tap on a smartphone can set the machine to automatically make the perfect brew. If you are looking to reduce your wasted time each day, then this is a great place to start.

Coffee aids concentration and reduces fatigue, so that you can get more done to a higher standard and in less time. However, time wasted making the coffee reduces the benefit gained. So invest in an automated coffee machine to get the most from your daily dose of caffeine.

One Click-Ordering

Amazon, among other leading retailers, is now offering to deliver products with the single click of a button. This could be extremely valuable to your office. If you are regularly running out of paper, staples and pens, then why waste time filling out a form online or heading to the store; when a single button click can have the supplies delivered within two hours?

In the future, this could be rolled out to tasks beyond shopping. You could have a button that sends a notification to other workers to get started on a particular task. It is certainly quicker than sending an email.

If you are looking to get your work done more quickly and enjoy more free time, then consider the above tech options. They will significantly reduce the time wasted achieving tasks from attending training sessions to making coffee and buying paper. This frees up the time for you to get stuck in on the important stuff.