Enjoyable Moments at the Chingay Parade 2016


To kick off my Chingay Parade article, first of all I would like to thank People’s Association (PA) for the warm invitation and Canon Singapore for lending me the Canon 5Ds with EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM to shoot the spectacular and successful Chingay Parade held on last Saturday at the F1 Pit Building.

Wefie with the friends at Chingay Parade 2016!

It was an amazing moment with a group of influencer friends at the Chingay Main Parade Celebrations this year. I am glad that the weather turns out to be good during the performances session. Hence, this was my second time watching the live and up-close Chingay parade and I love the themed “Lights of Legacy, Brighter Singapore”.

One of my favourite shot of the day, taken using canon 5Ds! No edit! lol xD

Real firecrackers!

The Chingay themed for this year was inspired from our Founding Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, based on the core values such as Racial and Religious Harmony, Caring for one another, Resilience and Meritocracy meant that every Singaporean regardless of race or religion could take his rightful place in the Singapore story. These are the values that made us One People, One Singapore. Chingay 2016 will bring these values to live.

Chingay 2015 celebrating SG50 and Chingay 2016 represents the first step towards SG100, as we celebrate the Singapore Spirit and our shared values that have transformed us from a fishing village into a modern metropolis. A series of spectacular performances at the parade had showcase the Singapore spirit and values from different group of community regardless race or religion. It’s really awesome!

Some of the key highlights of the parade include a 66-metre “flying” LED dragon, aerial performances and the biggest full-scale illuminated show. Be prepared to be awed by the awesome sight of 8,000 ‘Sky Lanterns’ to light up the night. With over 8,000 performers forming up 50 parade contingents and the support from 2,000 parade volunteers from schools and associations, you are in for a night of wondrous performance.

My verdict on Canon 5Ds camera
I walked along the Chingay Street with my Canon 5Ds EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM to photograph the beauty moments in manual mode. The F2.8 wide angle Len allows me to capture the magnificent Chingay parade ceremony in wide landscape position and with the strong in-built stabilization and fast shutter speed; this Canon 5Ds produces sharp and vibrant images as well as videos too. Likewise the focus and zoom rings are well-positioned and smooth for me to capture the fun and dramatic ambiances. To add on, the weight and size of the Canon 5Ds camera is comfortable and just nice for handling.

Live young and cool like him!

Kawaii Girls from Japan!

Kungfu master from the China

Towards SG100 representing by Singapore Turf Club

Chingay Parade 2016 Grand Finale Celebrations

I had a wonderful moment with friends watching the remarkable Chingay parade 2016 celebration. SG100 is a definitely to look forward and I am proud to say that I am a Singaporean!!! If you have missed out the Chingay Parade 2016, do check out my video taken using the Canon 5Ds. Let’s view the performances all in one minute video! Cheers!